2016 Small Business of the Year Award

Deadline to Submit Online Applications
All 2016 Small Business Award Applications must be submitted online to the
Pima County Small Business Commission no later than:
Friday, September 9, 2016 at 5p.m., MST.

$500 ‘Small Business of the Year’ Awards will be presented to a
Pima County Urban Small Business & a Rural Small Business

2016 Small Business Winners will be selected by the Small Business Commission and presented at a Pima County Board of Supervisors meeting in early 2017 at the County Office Building located at 130 W. Congress Street, Tucson, Arizona. Awardees will be notified approximately 1-2 weeks prior to the Board of Supervisors’ meeting where the presentations will be made.

Development of the 2016 Small Business Awards online application was provided by Green Valley Recreation, Inc. at no cost to Pima County.

Small Business Eligibility Guidelines:

  1. Must be located in Pima County (may be a branch or division of larger business)
  2. Manager or owner must live in Pima County
  3. Employ fewer than 100 people (full-time or part-time)
  4. Must have been in operation for two (2) or more years
  5. Definitions:
    • ‘Urban’ is defined as a business located within Tucson City Limits
    • ‘Rural’ is defined as a business located outside Tucson City Limits

Select Locale


1. Briefly describe your main business focus (e.g., history, products/services) and mission, vision, values, and goals [Max. 850 characters]

2. Significant Accomplishments (up to 15 points value): Describe significant accomplishments that you are especially proud of since the business’s inception (e.g., growth plan, business milestones, significant revenue stream, achievements) [Max. 850 characters]

3. Culture (up to 20 points value): Please describe your management practices as they pertain to company/organizational culture, leadership, training & work environment and/or maintaining a responsible & rewarding workplace environment [Max. 850 characters]

4. Impact on Pima County (up to 30 points value): In what manner has your business impacted Pima County in a positive way? (e.g., economic impact & investment in the local economy; impact on the local workforce; improving lives of people you serve) [Max. 1000 characters]

5. Community Involvement (up to 15 points value): Describe your business’s positive contributions to the community (e.g., volunteer activities; donations, or other in-kind activities) [Max. 850 characters]

6. State why you believe the business should be selected “Small Business of the Year” (up to 20 points value) [Max. 850 characters]

Questions about the 2016 Pima County Small Business Awards Program or the application process should be directed to:

Aurora Hernandez, Project Assistant
Pima County Small Business Commission
33 N. Stone Ave.
Tucson, AZ. 85701
Email: Aurora.hernandez@pima.gov
Phone: 520-724-7356
Fax: 520-724-7358