Santa Rita Springs (The Springs)

Santa Rita Springs
Santa Rita Springs is Green Valley Recreation’s largest social center. This center now features a fitness center with Paramount fitness equipment, four (4) meeting rooms, art studio, dance studio complete with a wooden dance floor, art studio, clay studio, computer lab, camera club, swimming pool, spa, kitchen and 11,000 square feet of outdoor entertaining space.

Fitness Room

The Santa Rita Springs Fitness Room possesses the largest variety of exercise equipment. The center houses a collection of various cardio and strength training equipment. To learn more about the equipment and the muscle group that it works, see below.

Triceps Press

Muscle Used: Triceps. Muscle Used For: Straightening the arm. Muscle Location: Rear upper arm.

Air Dyne Bike

This machine provides cardiovascular conditioning. It also works the major muscles in the lower body.

Leg Extension

Muscle Used: Quadriceps. Muscle Used For: Extending the leg. Muscle Location: Front of the thigh.

Butterfly Machine

Muscle Used: Pectoralis Major. Muscle Used For: Draws the shoulders and arms forward and inward. Muscle Location: Chest.

Cross Trainer

This is also known as an Elliptical machine. It is a low impact cardiovascular training machine. It is gentle on the joints and works out the major muscles in the lower body.

Stationary Bike

This Piece of equipment conditions the cardiovascular system and works all the major muscles in the lower body. GVR has different types of stationary bikes at each of the centers.

Free Weights

Most centers posses a free weight range of 2 to 50 pound weights. Free weights are great for strength training. They provide a better range of motion than that of machine weights.

Multi Hip

Muscle Used: Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Gluteus Maximus. Muscle Used For: Quadriceps - Extending the leg, Gluteus Maximus - Extending the thigh androtating it outward, Hamstrings - Flexing/curling the lower leg relative to the upper leg. Muscle Location: Quadriceps - The front of the thigh, Gluteus Maximus - The back of the hip, Hamstrings - The rear of the thigh.

Biceps Curl

Muscle Used: Biceps. Muscle Used For: To twist the forearm upwards and flex/curl the lower arm relative to the upper arm. Muscle Location: Front of upper arm.


Muscle Used: Rectus Abdominus. Muscle Used For: To flex the spinal column. Muscle Location: Stomach area.

Lower Back

Muscle Used: Spinal Erectors. Muscle Used For: Support and hold the spine erect and straighten the back from the bent position. Muscle Location: Center Lower Back.


This machine is used for cardiovascular conditioning. It works all the major muscles in the lower body.

In-Out Thigh

Muscle Used: Vastus Lateralis. Muscle Used For: Straightening the leg. Muscle Location: Outer Thigh.

Lateral Row

Muscle Used: Latissimus Dorsi. Muscle Used For: Pulling the arms down and backwards. Muscle Location: Lower back.

Chest Press

Muscles Used: Pectorals, Serratus Anterior. Muscle Used For: Pectorals - Draws the shoulders and arms forward and inward, Serratus Anterior - Pushing and punching actions and is nicknamed 'The Boxers Muscle'. Muscle Location: Pectorals - The chest, Serratus Anterior - Covers the side of the chest wall on the outside of the ribs.

Leg Press

Muscle Used: Gluteus Maximus, Quadriceps, Hamstrings. Muscle Used For: Gluteus Maximus - Moving the leg, Quadriceps - Straightening the leg, Hamstrings - Curling the leg. Muscle Location: Gluteus Maximus - Rear of the hip, Qudriceps - Front of thigh, Hamstrings - Rear of thigh.


Muscle Used: Deltoid. Muscle Used For: Rotating the arm. Muscle Location: Shoulders.

Leg Curl

Muscle Used: Hamstrings. Muscle Used For: To flex/curl the lower leg relative to the upper leg. Muscle Location: A group of muscles lying on the rear of the thigh.


This machine is used for cardiovascular conditioning. It is easier on your joints then running on the pavement.


This piece of equipment is a low impact cardiovascular conditioning machine. It works all major muscles in the upper and lower body.

921 W. Via Rio Fuerte
Green Valley, AZ 85614
Phone: (520) 393-0360

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8:00am to 1:00pm Monday through Friday
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