Facilities Update

Watch the progress of the Pickleball Expansion Project
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View the East Center Pickleball Camera Livefeed


  • Please no glass or beer bottles in the pool areas. Also, no beer bottle caps are allowed in the spas.
  • As another reminder, please do not introduce body washes or body soaps into spa water.
  • Use GVR Pools/Spas at Your Own Risk!
  • No Lifeguard on Duty at any GVR Pool
  • No Diving

Vegetation around the centers

  • Dormant vegetation has been trimmed back to await new growth in the late winter and early spring

HVAC Replacements

  • Architect and consultants are working on proposals for HVAC work at East Center, Desert Hills, Santa Rita Springs and West Center. The design plans are being finalized before submitting for permitting

Solar Projects

  • A schedule of the upcoming solar panel/solar canopy projects will be coming out soon from Solar Gain. Tentatively, the first of 12 projects may now begin the second week of January. Stay tuned for updates as the startup dates become more certain

Abrego South

  • The grass of the volleyball area is in the germination process. Members have been walking through the area which is lessening the chances of the grass fully growing

Abrego North

  • New exercise bars are going to be installed in the pool

Administration Offices

  • After meeting additional structural requirements asked for by Pima County, the structural engineer was able to incorporate further design information into the planset for the project. The plans have been approved by Pima County. The final quotes have been received and the contract has been awarded. Electrical has begun
  • The temporary kiln and storage space for the GVR Glass Artists Club plans have been approved by Pima County. The final quotes have been received and the contract has been awarded. Construction framing work has begun. HVAC rough-in work will begin 1/11

Casa Paloma 1

  • A much needed reconstruction of shuffleboard court shade structures and closets has been completed. The structure has also been repainted. The playing surface of the courts will be resurfaced in 2019

Casa Paloma 2

  • CPII has reopened, and is available for use today (1/11/2019).  The tree removal company was able to complete their scope of work on 1/10/2019.

Canoa Hills

  • One pool heater is down for repairs and will be back in service once repairs are completed by our contractor

Canoa Ranch

  • Leak under asphalt has been addressed. The Pickleball drinking fountain has been returned to service
  • Pool heater #2 has been repaired

Desert Hills

  • The work to repair the upper walkway has been cancelled due to the cold temperatures. The work will be re-scheduled in the coming weeks.
  • The spa jet pump was repaired

East Center

  • The Pickleball Expansion Project is underway. The new concrete for the four new courts has been completed and is now curing. Light poles, light fixtures and fencing will be installed in the coming weeks. Temporary Pickleball courts have been setup on the East Center Tennis Courts
  • The 2 billiards tables will be getting re-clothed with new Simonis cloth on 1/16 and 1/17. Additionally, Table 10 will have new pockets and cushions installed. Table 11will be receiving new pockets.

Santa Rita Springs

  • The work to replace the storefront window of the Santa Cruz room has been completed. New window coverings are on order and will install as soon as they arrive

West Center

  • • The club requested mechanical upgrades for the Woodshop is in process. Designs from the mechanical engineer have been received and have been approved to submit to Pima County for permit. Work will begin after the permit is received and once the contractor can be scheduled

Work Orders

  • 6899 work orders were requested in 2018

Spas closed for scheduled cleaning and maintenance:

  • Canoa Ranch: 1/15
  • Las Campanas: 1/17