Facilities Update

2018 Summer Closure Schedule

The Las Campanas tennis courts have been closed for repairs. The ball machine will be relocated to the East Center tennis courts. Due to the repairs required, reopening of the courts will be determined at a later date.


Regular handicap vehicles should not park in van spaces unless no other handicap spots are available. The designated van spaces are designed to allow room for transfer and access by wheelchair users.

  • Please no glass or beer bottles in the pool areas. Also, no beer bottle caps are allowed in the spas.
  • Use GVR Pools/Spas at Your Own Risk!
  • No Lifeguard on Duty at any GVR Pool
  • No Diving

Canoa Hills

  • A severe water leak was located under a section of the parking. The area is to be cordoned off during the repairs. This will impact the normal flow of driving in the parking lot. Staff is currently work on repairing the water pipe leak. An asphalt contractor will be onsite in coming days to make final asphalt patching to the repair area. Any peripheral sections of the parking lot that may have been affected will be addressed by the contractor.

Canoa Ranch

  • The Amado Room will be closed for repainting, carpet replacement and countertop replacement beginning 5/22. The room will reopen on 6/19
  • The Fitness Room and Lobby will be closed to install new carpeting beginning 5/28. Reopening is scheduled for 6/19
  • Beginning 5/28, the locker rooms will be closed for installation of floor tile. Reopening is slated for 6/19
  • The parking lot will be closed for crack seal and seal coating on 6/16. The parking lot will reopen on 6/19 with the rest of the center

Casa Paloma 1

  • The recreation room is closed for maintenance. The room will reopen on 5/19

Casa Paloma 2

  • The metal landscape sculptures have been removed due to vandalism
  • The pool and spa area currently closed to members. During the closure period the wall nearest the spa will be rebuilt, the spa will be re-plastered, pool lights will be replaced, exercise bars will be installed in the pool, the entire pool deck will be repaired where needed and repainted, the locker rooms will be repainted and new partitions are being installed. Reopening is scheduled for May 25.
  • The recreation room is closed to members for maintenance. The room will reopen on 5/19


Continental Vistas – Closure

  • The pool and spa will be closed to members for re-plastering the pool, replacing grab rails, ladders and hand rails beginning 7/9. Re-opening is scheduled for 8/13

Desert Hills

  • The main service entrance for the electrical supply to the building will be undergoing much needed repairs and maintenance. Due to the scope of work required, we may have to have the center closed for up to a week. We will know more detail of the timeline and work to be performed in the coming next weeks. Please look for more information to come out soon.

East Center

  • Electrical power for the Las Campanas tennis ball machine is being routed

Madera Vista

  • Beginning 5/21 the pool deck and recreation room will be closed. During the closure, the floor in the recreation room will be refinished and minor repairs and a repaint of the pool deck will occur. All areas are scheduled to reopen on 5/26

Santa Rita Springs

  • The upper decks above the Santa Cruz and Fiesta Building are closed to all foot traffic for repairs and resurfacing work. Access to the elevator will, also, be restricted during this period. Please use the upper parking lot to access the Camera Club, Kino and Anza Rooms. Reopening is scheduled for May 21

West Center

  • The approved Club Request project to improve the viewing area adjacent to court #3 is underway. The concrete pour has been completed. Custom hand and guard rails have been installed.

Spas: Closed for scheduled cleaning and maintenance:

  • Casa Paloma 1: Tuesday, 5/22
  • East Center: Thursday, 5/24