Facilities Update


  • Please no glass or beer bottles in the pool areas. Also, no beer bottle caps are allowed in the spas.
  • As another reminder, please do not introduce body washes or body soaps into spa water.
  • Use GVR Pools/Spas at Your Own Risk!
  • No Lifeguard on Duty at any GVR Pool
  • No Diving

HVAC Replacements

  • Architect and consultants are working on proposals for HVAC work at East Center, Desert Hills, Santa Rita Springs and West Center

Administration Offices

  • After meeting additional structural requirements asked for by Pima County, the structural engineer was able to incorporate further design information into the plan set. Plan submittal for permit is expected by 11/5.
  • The temporary kiln and storage space for the GVR Glass Artists Club plans have been approved by Pima County. Plans were issued to three contractors for proposals.

Canoa Hills

  • New LED pathway lighting is complete
  • The bocce ball court maintenance was completed

Casa Paloma 1

  • The Spa remains closed for repairs. Two leaks were found by American Leak Detectors. Repairs to the spa jet line and skimmer well replacement will be performed on 11/1. After the repairs are completed, concrete will be poured to replace the sections of deck that were removed in order to perform the repairs. New acrylic lace texture will be applied and painted to match the deck once the concrete cures
  • A dry Palo Verde tree that was obstructing vision in the parking area was trimmed back

Continental Vistas

  • High growth from a bush neighboring member’s property was trimmed back

East Center

  • New automatic doors openers have been installed on the Lobby Restroom doors

Las Campanas

  • Pima County has been contacted to remove a Palo Verde tree that has grown to close to Bell Tower Road

North Abrego

  • New exercise bars are going to be installed in the pool

Santa Rita Springs

  • Exterior painting of the center is complete
  • The work to replace the storefront window of the Santa Cruz room is scheduled to begin 11/5. The room will be closed until 11/30. The current storefront will be demolished and a newly reconstructed wall will be installed

South Abrego

  • New volleyball nets have been installed
  • New pool and spa handrails have been replaced
  • Painting of the center, pool fence and stucco repairs are underway

Work Orders

  • 593 work orders were requested in the month of September.
  • 5472 work orders have been requested Y.T.D.

Spas closed for scheduled cleaning and maintenance:

  • Desert Hills: Tuesday, 11/6
  • Continental Vistas: Thursday 11/8