Facilities Update

The Facilities Department is working closely with contractors to take advantage of the imposed center closures by moving Maintenance Repair and Replacement (MRR) and Non-Reserve Capital (NRC) projects that were initially scheduled for later in the year up on the calendar.

Additional clothing hooks for towels and bags are being installed on all the pool deck areas

A/C filters throughout the centers are being replaced

Palm tree trimming throughout the centers is underway

Abrego North

  • The pool and spa reopened on 9/24.
  • The HVAC unit for the recreation room is being scheduled for replacement

Abrego South

  • Vegetation east of the volleyball courts has been replaced
  • Landscape irrigation line leak east of the center was repaired

Canoa Hills

  • Staff has repaired damages incurred by a contractor installing handrails at the bocce ball courts
  • Irrigation issues for the water feature have been resolved
  • The court contractor portion of the bocce court project is complete
  • LED lighting upgrades in the fitness room has been completed

Canoa Ranch

  • New LED bollard lights will be installed west of the entrance in the coming weeks. These lights will illuminate the pathway the leads from the southwest parking spaces to the building

Casa Paloma 1

  • Full remodel of the locker rooms and exterior shower is underway.
  • ADA access to the locker rooms is part of the project. This work includes ramps, handrails and widening of the doorways to the locker rooms

Desert Hills

  • An irrigation line leak in the island was identified and repaired
  • A HEPA filtration system will be installed in the ceramics studio next week

East Center

  • Rose garden has been detailed and cleaned up
  • An irrigation leak was found next to the flag pole and has been repaired
  • In the coming weeks, A HEPA filtration system will be installed in the billiards room

Las Campans

  • The center will be closed on 10/8 for TEP to service to the solar system
  • The center will be closed on 10/22 for TEP to finalize their service to the solar system
  • The palm trees near the racquetball building have been trimmed. Two proved too high and will be trimmed by a contractor
  • In preparation for winter, a sleeve was installed for the irrigation line east of the pool

Madera Vista

  • An irrigation line north of the center was replaced

Santa Rita Springs

  • The main irrigation line leading to the grass area suffered root damage. The line has been fixed

West Center

  • The woodshop dust collector is undergoing scheduled preventive maintenance.
  • An irrigation leak located near Room 2 has been repaired

Pickleball Center

  • Irrigation control valves and timers are under repair
  • New windscreens have been installed

Spa Cleanings

The following spas will be closed for scheduled servicing and cleanings on:

  • 9/29 West Center
  • 10/1 Las Campanas