Facilities Update

  • Please no glass or beer bottles in the pool areas. Also, no beer bottle caps are allowed in the spas.
  • As another reminder, please do not introduce body washes or body soaps into spa water.
  • Use GVR Pools/Spas at Your Own Risk!
  • No Lifeguard on Duty at any GVR Pool
  • No Diving

Solar Projects


  • The Solar Gain project is now officially underway. Construction work is nearing completion at Casa Paloma 2. The south parking lot has been temporarily designated as a prep/staging area during the project work at this site.
  • Fencing is up in the parking lots of Abrego South, West Center tennis court parking lot, East Center north parking lot and Canoa Hills.
  • The canopy has been erected at South Abrego and trench work is nearing completion. The center will be closed on 3/21 for TEP to shut down the power to allow for solar equipment hook ups
  • Final assembly of the West Center canopy has begun. Solar panels have been installed on the roofs of the Assembly and Crafts buildings.
  • A section of the Canoa Hills parking lot has been assigned as a layout area for construction materials
  • The staging area for the solar canopy has been set up in the north parking lot of East Center. Drilling for the canopy columns will begin next week
  • Canoa Ranch will begin to have rooftop solar panels installed and the solar canopy construction will begin in coming weeks

HVAC Replacements

  • Architect and consultants are working on proposals for HVAC work at East Center, Desert Hills, Santa Rita Springs and West Center. The design plans are being finalized before submitting for permitting

Abrego South

  • The trench work for the solar canopy is nearing completion
  • The entire center will be closed on 3/21 due to TEP shutting down power to allow for solar equipment installation
  • The entire pool deck has been resurfaced and the ladders and handrails have been replaced

Abrego North

  • Due to the rains this past week, the seal coating work of the parking lot has been rescheduled. The entire center will be closed on 3/18 and will reopen once the striping is completed on 3/19
  • Exercise bars have been installed in the pool

Administration Offices

  • The temporary Metal Working Crafts Club space project is ready for occupancy. The space passed final inspection by the county and fire district.
  • The temporary kiln and storage space for the GVR Glass Artists Club plans have been approved by Pima County. Construction framing is complete. Further work is on hold due to requested changes to the project made by the club. Following a meeting with all the primary stakeholders some re-designs are being implemented and will be submitted to Pima County for approval

Casa Paloma 1

  • Resurfacing of the Shuffleboard courts is slated to begin on 4/8

Casa Paloma 2

  • The pool deck, pool spa and locker rooms have reopened. Trenching work has been completed

Canoa Hills

  • The therapy jets in the spa will be repaired while the spa is being serviced and cleaned on 3/19
  • Repair to an irrigation line and valve near the grass area has been completed

Canoa Ranch

  • Construction of the solar canopy will begin in the coming weeks

Desert Hills

  • Minor roof repairs are being scheduled for the Auditorium building

East Center

  • The Pickleball Expansion Project is nearing completion. The new courts are completed and are now available for play. However, we ask that players stay off the courts while the surface is wet, primarily in the morning hours. Playing on wet courts with freshly applied surface coatings will damage the coatings. Installation of security fencing, gates and handrails is in progress
  • The north parking lot has been prepped for installation of the solar canopy. The work area has been cordoned off for materials. Drilling the holes for the solar canopy will begin next week

Las Campanas

  • Painting the entire exterior of the center is ongoing.

Madera Vista

  • Work to convert the tennis court to a post-tension court will begin on 3/25. Project duration is estimated to be between 65-70 days. Once re-opened the ball machine will be relocated from Las Campanas to the court
  • Resurfacing of the Shuffleboard courts is slated to begin the week of 4/8

Santa Rita Springs

  • Repair work to the Clay Studio wall and door is nearing completion. Stucco work is in progress and painting will follow once the new stucco has cured
  • Repair work and recoating of the roof tops is underway

West Center

  • The club requested mechanical upgrades for the Woodshop is in process. Designs from the mechanical engineer have been received and the permit has been issued by Pima County. Some redesign work of the rooftop ducting is now required due to the solar panel layout design. Scheduling the contractor to perform the work is underway
  • Resurfacing of the Shuffleboard courts is slated to begin the week of 4/8
  • A small Palo Verde tree died and has been removed. It will be replaced in the near future

Work Orders

  • 486 work orders were issued in February 2019
  • 1594 work orders have been requested Y.T.D.

Spas closed for scheduled cleaning and maintenance:

  • Canoa Hills: 3/19
  • North Abrego: 3/21