Facilities Update

2019 Summer Closure Schedule


  • Please do not enter Work Zones
  • As another reminder, please do not introduce body washes or body soaps into spa water.
  • Use GVR Pools/Spas at Your Own Risk!
  • No Lifeguard on Duty at any GVR Pool
  • No Diving

Solar Projects

The Solar Gain project is officially underway.

  • West Center Tennis Court Parking: Partial parking has been restored for the West Center Tennis Court Parking. Project is 98% complete
  • East Center: Project is 98% complete
  • The Administration Offices:
    • Phase 1 (north parking lot)- 85% complete
    • Phase 2 (south Parking lot)- 15% complete
  • Canoa Hills: Project is 98% complete
  • Canoa Ranch: Project is 98% complete
  • Desert Hills: Solar project construction work has begun. The lower parking lot is closed for the duration of the project. Trenching work has been completed. Construction completion is estimated to be 8/2
  • Las Campanas Center: The south parking lot closest to the center will be closed for the duration of the solar canopy construction. Trenching work has been completed. Construction completion is estimated to be 8/2
  • Santa Rita Springs: The parking lot west of the Ceramic Studio and the Santa Cruz Building parking lot are closed for the construction of solar canopies. A one-day electrical power down of the center is being scheduled for a future date. Construction completion is estimated to be 8/30

Casa Paloma 1

  • New handrails and ladders will be installed for the pool and spa in the near future

Canoa Hills

  • Concrete repairs to the east sidewalk will be performed in coming weeks

Canoa Ranch

  • Repairs to the parking lot under the solar canopy will be performed in coming weeks
  • Landscaping work is occurring west of the Pickleball Courts
  • The lift chair for the spa will be replaced with a new unit that has a higher weight limit. The current lift chair incurred significant damage due to over-stress of its 350lb. weight capacity. The new chair has a 500lb. weight capacity

Continental Vistas

  • A poolside shade canopy will be installed in August

Desert Hills

  • The pool and spa are closed for equipment room upgrades and re-piping. Reopening is scheduled for 7/21
  • Ceramics, Art Room, Room C and Room B are closed for floor refinishing. Reopening is scheduled for 7/20
  • The Auditorium, Room A, Billiards and Fitness Room are closed for carpet replacement and cleaning. Reopening of these areas is slated for 7/20
  • The Lapidary Studio will remain closed for repairs to an area of subfloor and for installation of replacement vinyl floor tiles. Damaged flooring was found during the floor refinish project.

East Center

  • Parking lot seal coat/striping work will begin on 7/23. Completion of the entire project is estimated to be 7/26
  • Weed control work will begin in July and run through October. One week in every month in the time period, AAA Landscaping will be onsite to hand pick the weeds that grow rapidly during he monsoon season.

Madera Vista

  • The restrooms are currently closed for rehab work. Temporary restroom facilities have been set up at the center. Reopening of the restrooms is estimated to be 7/25
  • Pool equipment upgrades have been completed

Santa Rita Springs

  • Camera Club, Kitchen and SRAL will be closed beginning 7/22 for floor refinishing. Reopening is scheduled for 7/29
  • Anza, Kino, Fitness Room, Computer Club, and CSR office will be closed beginning 7/29 for carpet cleaning. Reopening of the areas is slated for 8/3
  • Fiesta Building Restrooms will be closed for rehab beginning 7/22. The restrooms will reopen on 8/3
  • The Anza Restrooms will be closed on 7/29 for rehab. Reopening of the restrooms is slated for 8/3

West Center

  • The pool will be closed beginning 7/19 for draining and maintenance. Reopening is scheduled for 7/26
  • Installation of a new shade structure for exterior working areas of the Woodshop is underway
  • The club requested mechanical upgrades for the Woodshop is in process. Designs from the mechanical engineer have been received and the permit has been issued by Pima County. Some redesign work of the rooftop ducting is now required due to the solar panel layout design. Scheduling the contractor to perform the work is underway

Work Orders

  • 614 work orders were issued in June 2019
  • 3887 work orders have been requested Y.T.D.

Spas closed for scheduled cleaning and maintenance:

  • West Center: 7/23
  • Santa Rita Springs: 7/25

Please observe caution tape on or around a pool or spa and do not remove it or enter the water.  Only authorized GVR staff members are allowed to remove caution tape and reopen a pool or spa.  Conditions may exist, such as chemicals being out of balance in the pool/spa, that may be dangerous to the health of bathers