Governing Documents and Reports

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Board Code of Conduct

Board Code of Conduct:
                Board Code of Conduct [PDF]


Governing Documents

Articles of Incorporation:
                Articles of Incorporation [PDF]

                GVR Bylaws [PDF]

Corporate Policy Manual:
                CPM [PDF]

Corporate Boundary Document:
                Corporate Boundary Document [PDF]


Long & Short Range Plans

2013-2018 GVR Strategic Plan
                GVR Strategic Plan [PDF]

2013-2018 GVR Five-Year Operations Plan
                GVR Five-Year Operations Plan [PDF]

2013-2018 GVR Strategic Plan Survey Results
                GVR Strategic Plan Survey Results [PDF]

GVR Long-Range Strategic Facilities Plan
                GVR Long-Range Plan
                2016 WSM PowerPoint Presentation [PDF]

GVR Capital Projects 3/5-Year Plan
                GVR 3/5-Year Plan


Other Documents

Master Deed Restriction:
                Master Deed Restriction [PDF]
Resource Sharing Agreement:
                Resource Sharing Agreement [PDF]

Criteria and Impact Assessments:
                Criteria and Impacts Assessment Forms and Rating Scale [PDF]
                Benefits Pyramid [PDF]

Survey Results:
                2010 Survey Results [PDF]

Meeting Guidelines:
                Robert’s Rules of Order