Exhibition Schedule/Guidelines

July 2017 Exhibits Schedule

Location Artist
Canoa Hills Social Center Sky Island Painters
Canoa Ranch Social Center Camera Club
Desert Hills Social Center Collage Mixed Media
East Social Center Diane West
Las Campanas Social Center SRAL Last Minute Show
West Social Center Summer Closure August 1 – 13
Mary Hubbard August 14 – 31

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Exhibition Center Guidelines

The purpose of the Exhibition Center is to provide Green Valley Recreation, Inc. members’ space to exhibit their original artwork (both two and three-dimensional) and to allow the community to enjoy art.

At present, GVR provides member artists the privilege to display artwork in six exhibition areas at major centers:  Canoa Ranch, Canoa Hills, Desert Hills, East Center, Las Campanas, and West Center.  These spaces are part multipurpose areas and at times may be used for other activities.  Exhibitors should contact the Center office where they are exhibiting at least 48 hours before their hanging date to check on a suitable time that day to hang their exhibit.  At times, GVR may limit exhibition space due to construction and/or repairs to these areas.

The Exhibition areas Centers are open only to GVR members.  All artwork must be original and created by a GVR member.  There is no entry fee to participate.

As security is minimal, artists hang their work and exhibit at their own risk..  GVR employees and volunteers assume no responsibility for loss or damage to exhibits.  Artists must bring their own ladder (if needed).  Due to liability issues, GVR cannot supply ladders. No insurance is provided.

The use by members of GVR facilities for commercial purposes is prohibited.  Sales of artwork are negotiated solely between artists and the buyers.  No business cards are allowed.  Prices are NOT to be displayed in the centers.  Art must remain in the exhibit until the end of the show.  If circumstances arise that the piece must be removed, that piece must be replaced with one comparable in size.

Space is determined using a lottery drawing.  Each individual or group will submit a space request form and will be notified of the results.

Once you have been approved to display in one of the exhibit centers you must complete individual registration for each artist. Registration forms are available at the reception desk at the Center in which you wish to exhibit.  Applicants will complete the forms, listing each piece of artwork with the information requested.  To be included in the exhibit the artist will return forms, listing each piece with the information requested.  Forms must be returned to the Center where the exhibit space is located AT LEAST TEN (10) DAYS IN ADVANCE OF YOUR SCHEDULED EXHIBITION.  Artists must return the application forms.  The artist’s signature signifies compliance with the guidelines provided. If the center’s office is closed please take the form to closest center i.e. Canoa Ranch & Desert Hills to Canoa Hills, West Center to Member Services. The artists are responsible for supplying their own title cards; i.e. artist name, name of piece and phone number. 

Receptions for the artists, friends and the public are entirely the responsibility of the artist. The artist pays all expenses incurred.  The artist must have a reservation contract with Jody Crawford, GVR Facility Coordinator at 625-3440 ext. 7202 to reserve the lobby area and kitchen if necessary.  Publicity in newspapers and GVR publications is the responsibility of the artist.

GVR will promote your Exhibit in GVR Now!, here on our website under the Arts and Entertainment page, and on the LED monitors in all our major centers.  

If you would like to have some of your art work shown on the monitors you can submit pictures and info to Karen Rans  at karen@gvrec.org or you can drop it off at the Member Services Center (main office) Attn: Karen Rans. It is very important to leave your name, phone number and at what center you are exhibiting as well as the date of the exhibit.

Each artist is responsible for each of the following:

  • Each art group is responsible for organizing and hanging their own exhibit. Please list the names of those who will hang the pieces.
  • Artwork must be original and by a GVR member.
  • Artwork must be properly framed in a professional manner for exhibition.  Use standard picture wire which, when drawn taut, is two inches from the top of frame (no quick-frames, paste-on or saw-tooth hangers.)
  • Plexiglas, instead of glass, must be used on any works over 36 inches in any direction.
  • An artist’s statement (no bigger than 8 ½ x 11 inches) is permitted for individual exhibitors.  Exhibiting groups are allowed a statement reflecting their group as a whole.
  • Place name of artist, telephone number and title of work on the back of each entry before bringing in to the Exhibition Center.
  • Each exhibitor is responsible for their own Exhibit cards.  The cards should have the following information; artist name, name of piece and phone number.  Listing prices is prohibited.

Limit the number of entries per individual.

  • Refuse entries not conforming to display criteria, improperly framed, soiled, too fragile for safe display, or inconsistent display character.
  • Decide placement of artwork in the Exhibit areas.
  • Decide the time artwork can be hung so it will not interfere with other member activities.

Exhibition Center Locations and Phones

Social Center  Address Phone
Canoa Hills Social Center 3660 S Camino Del Sol (520)625-6200
Canoa Ranch Social Center 5750 S Turquoise Mountain Dr (520)631-0761
Desert Hills Social Center 2980 S Camino Del Sol (520)625-5221
East Social Center 7 S Abrego Drive (520)625-4641
Las Campanas Social Center 565 W Bell Tower (520)648-7669
West Social Center 1111 Via Arco Iris (520)625-0288

Download a copy of the Exhibition Center Guidelines [PDF]