Green Valley Recreation collaborates with several community organizations in order to provide a diverse assortment of educational and entertaining lectures. Topics cover health issues, southwestern culture, the humanities, and general interest. Dates and topics are subject to change. Our Lecture Series is FREE and open to all GVR Members and the General Public!

Our lectures are always free and open to the public offering a wide variety of topics. We are working on the fall and winter topics and look forward to another great season!

We support our local Community Food Bank, donations are always appreciated!

Thursday, April 12 – 9:00am – Desert Hills Auditorium
Green Valley Gardeners “Preserving Your Harvest” Lorna Mitchell, GVG Member.

Saturday, April 14 – 10:00am – East Center Auditorium
Arizona Oncology Center

Thursday, April 14- 10:00am – Desert Hills Auditorium
Tucson Audubon Society.  “Building a future; all about birdhouses” Olya Philips, Tucson Audubon’s Citizen Science Coordinator. Many bird species, you may be surprised to learn, find that there is a shortage of great places to nest. Olya supports more nesting birds and giving every bird a home. The challenges include understanding a species nesting requirements. By becoming the ultimate nest box landlord, Tucson Audubon’s nest box program can teach us what features make a nest box ideal, which species you might attract to your area, and how to troubleshoot the problems that arise.

Friday, April 27 – 1:00pm – East Center Auditorium
“Advances in Treatment for Prostate Issues” Dr. Tristan T. Berry, MD.  An enlarged prostate (BPH) is one of the most common conditions affecting men over 50.  It can affect urinary function, leading to frequent trips to the bathroom and disruption of sleep and your daily life.  You don’t need to live like this when there are new treatments that can help.  Join urologist Tristan Berry, MD, as he shares the symptoms and the newest treatment options for BPH. http://drtristanberry.com