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LC Fitness room temperature

The temperature setting is too high. It needs to be lowered. When you work out even moderately you get overheated very quickly. For those that feel it is too cool when starting they can put a layer on. I checked the room where yoga is held and it too on Sunday morning was 70 degrees…. Read more »

West Center Spa

Please, please, please enforce the no kids in the hot tub at West Center. I know the rules state “no kids under 18,” but it is lost in all the other rules. Could you highlight or underline in red that specific rule to avoid kids in the hot tub. How about writing an article in… Read more »

CR pool lights

13 rectangular up lights o computer from what I’ve been told, that are still on/off at 7:30am when the sun lights up the pool.? Shut them off at an earlier time to save energy?

Cell Phone Use

Cell phones in the fitness centers, in my opinion, should not be allowed as they are EXTREMELY annoying. If a member has something that urgent going on in his or her life then it should be taken care of elsewhere. I don’t feel that I should be forced to hear their conversations if I don’t… Read more »

CR Basketball

Many of my friends and I like to shoot hoops. There is a serious need for new/better basketballs. I’m told to talk to Miles. So Miles, can we have new basketballs?