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Hot Tub Chemicals

A number of us are getting skin rashes from this water. I spoke with one of your supervisors at this location. Kelly was his name. He promised me he would check into it and call me personally in this regard. STAFF RESPONSE: I personally did an in-depth water analysis of the water in the spa… Read more »

Fitness / Locker Rooms

1.) Enlarge the fitness room at Las Campanas (way too small) 2.) Add kettle balls and additional free weights 3.) Add spinners (that spin out the water in swimming suits) to all facilities 4.) The lockers are way too small for gym, tennis or racquet ball bags 5.) Add weighted bars (long – about 36… Read more »


LOCATION: West Center MEMBER: not provided COMMENT: Please trim trees by flag pole RESPONSE: Landscape staff trims trees at regular intervals as seasons dictate. Landscape supervisor will inspect the area requested and make adjustments to the trimming schedule if necessary.

Coat Hooks

Be nice to have some coat hooks in the ladies locker room. Facilities Staff will look into feasibility of installing coat hooks.

Coat Hooks – Las Campanas

Be nice to have some coat hooks in the ladies locker room. Thank you for your suggestion. Maintenance staff will look into the feasibility of installing coat hooks.

Liquid Soap Dispensers

Why don’t we have liquid soap dispensers in the showers (like most clubs everywhere)? Thank you. Our Facilities Staff will look into the feasibility of installing that type of dispenser.

Holiday Hours – Pens

Have holiday hours prominently available on website, etc. I checked online before coming, then found offices closed. Tried West Center, East Enter, GVR Admin offices. It was just after 2 PM. Signs in lobby etc. does not mention offices closed early – only East Center office had sign for today’s early closing. Also suggest you… Read more »

Member Hygene – CR pool

This AM (Tuesday) I was in the hot tub when a gentleman came in the pool area from the workout area and took his sox and shoes off; however, left his sweat shirt and workout shorts on. He took a 15 second rinse with the pool area shower. I asked him to take a soapy… Read more »