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LOCATION: West Center MEMBER: not provided COMMENT: Please trim trees by flag pole RESPONSE: Landscape staff trims trees at regular intervals as seasons dictate. Landscape supervisor will inspect the area requested and make adjustments to the trimming schedule if necessary.

Coat Hooks – Las Campanas

Be nice to have some coat hooks in the ladies locker room. Thank you for your suggestion. Maintenance staff will look into the feasibility of installing coat hooks.

Member Hygene – CR pool

This AM (Tuesday) I was in the hot tub when a gentleman came in the pool area from the workout area and took his sox and shoes off; however, left his sweat shirt and workout shorts on. He took a 15 second rinse with the pool area shower. I asked him to take a soapy… Read more »

Canoa Hills Patio Chairs

The new patio chair cushions look really nice with a great color choice, but they would look so much nicer if each cushion did not have a big white tag sticking up. So my suggestion would be for someone to carefully trim off the white tags with a pair of scissors so we can just… Read more »

Close Restroom Doors

East Center public restroom doors are always open. If the auto-closures are broken please fix them. If the doors are left open because of ventilation issues please correct those issues. Simple courtesy mandates that GVR provide privacy to users of GVR facilities. Push buttons were installed on restroom doors making them easier to access, removing… Read more »

Hot Tub Chemicals

Canoa Ranch Hot Tub: Reduce the corrosive chemicals in the hot tub. I am one of a number of members that is getting a skin rash/skin burning from the level of chemicals in this hot tub. GVR pool techs continuously monitor chemical levels at all pools and spas. We use CO2 to control Ph and… Read more »

Comfortable Chairs

Would like to see more comfortable chairs for West Center concerts and movies. We are a senior community and have heard of a lot of complaints about uncomfortable chairs! The next time chairs are replaced at West Center, Maintenance staff will look at comfortable alternatives for our Members.

Smoking at East Center

My suggestion is to ban smoking within 20 feet of entrance and front covered walkway. The present smoking area and bench are not acceptable. Walking within 10 feet of the designate area and 10 feet beyond I still have to inhale second hand smoke. This is not healthy nor acceptable to non-smoking GVR members. Please… Read more »

Excellent Customer Service

I have come to this center several times to register for Spanish classes. The same woman, Laura, I believe her name is has assisted me. She is, by far, the most friendly, knowledgeable, pleasant person that I have come in contact with. She has gone above and beyond to assist me. Thank you for your… Read more »

Water Aerobics at Canoa Ranch

Cannot believe the decision to schedule Water Aerobics 6 days a week! Who is responsible for making such a decision that would affect so many other people who were not even given a change to have a vote? I have been paying dues sine 1979 – several of those years I paid double dues after… Read more »