GVR Committees


2016 – 17 Board of Directors

Joe Gunton, President
Tony Zabicki, Vice President
Jim Nelson, Secretary
Vicky Mournian, Treasurer
Leslie Shipley, Assistant Secretary
Bob Allen, Assistant Treasurer
John Arnold
Lance Heise
Richard Kidwell
Don Lathrop
Barb Mauser
Kathy Palese

Audit Committee

Members of the Audit Committee should have knowledge of financial reporting and internal fiscal control procedures.  An independent auditing firm audit the financial records of the Corporation following the close of each fiscal year.  Principal functions of the Audit Committee are: to recommend a CPA firm to the GVR Board to act as the Corporation’s independent auditor; review the independent auditor’s terms of engagement; review results of each audit including opinion qualifications.

Rich Hill (chair)

Board Affairs Committee (BA)

Members of the BA Committee should be familiar with and comfortable reviewing and updating governing documents which provide policies and corporate operating procedures, primarily GVR Bylaws and Corporate Policy Manual (CPM).  GVR governing documents must comply with Arizona statutes and GVR’s Articles of Incorporation.  Committee members review and approve/disapprove club applications and recommend modifications to club policies, as necessary.

Hank Deutsch
Joyce Finkelstein
Joe Gunton* (ex-officio)
Jerry Humphrey
Richard Kidwell
Barb Mauser* (chair)
Bob Northrup
Eddie Peabody
Kathy Palese*
Tony Zabicki*
Kent Blumenthal (CEO)
Jen Morningstar (Executive Office Manager)

Fiscal Affairs Committee

Members of the Fiscal Affairs Committee oversee the annual budgeting process; collaborate with the CEO to present an annual operating and capital budget proposal to the Board of Directors; and assist in reviewing the financial state of the Corporation.  Knowledge of financial management and accounting best practices is useful; common sense and sound judgement are also important.

Bob Allen*
Karen Baker
Jack Ernest
Joe Gunton* (ex-officio)
John Hadley
Vicky Mournian* (chair)
Roger Myers
Blaine Nisson
Stan Riddle
Anna Rosso
Tony Zabicki*
Kent Blumenthal (CEO)
Cheryl Moose (CFO)

Nominations & Elections Committee

Members of the N&E Committee should be familiar with the many facets of GVR policies, operations and procedures so that they can help recruit potential candidates for the Board of Directors and GVR committees.  The N&E Committee selects for nomination a slate of Directors.  The slate of nominees shall be posted and be available to all regular members at least 90 days prior to the Annual Meeting.  N&E committee members host Candidate Receptions in the fall and Candidate Forums in February.  Committee members also assist in preparing completed election ballots for tabulation.

Roy Cozad
Lance Heise*
Marilyn Luehrmann
Vicky Mournian*
Bob Allen* (chair)
Jen Morningstar (Executive Office Manager)

Planning & Evaluation Committee

Members of the P&E Committee are engaged in long and short-range planning of GVR’s facilities and programs.  Knowledge of Capital Project Management and funding is useful, but not required.  Committee members evaluate the changing needs of GVR clubs and recommend approval/disapproval of annual club funding requests.

John Arnold* (chair)
Trudy Baker
Gunnar Bonthron
Donna Coon
Scott Denzer
Joe Gunton* (ex-officio)
Lance Heise
Michelle Hoffman
Don Lathrop
Mary Lungstrum
Kathy Palese*
Eric Rautenberg
Howland Swift
Stewart Tagg
Kent Blumenthal (CEO)
Jim Conroy (COO)