2022 GVR Board of Directors Election

Each year, member households in good standing elect four of their peers to sit on the Board of Directors for a 3-year term. The following directors are finishing their 3-year terms: Christine Gallegos, Mark McIntosh, Mike Zelenak, and Connie Griffin who has been serving out Don Weaver’s term since his resignation in August of 2021. This year, Amended and Restated Bylaws are also on the ballot for member approval.

GVR’s annual elections began with a call for nominees. Applications for candidates were due November 19. Candidates can still get on the ballot through a petition process. Qualifying petitions include signatures from 200 households in good standing. Only one signature per household will be counted.

Petition packets are available at the Administrative Offices, Monday-Friday 8am-4pm (closed for lunch from noon-1pm).

Completed petitions are due by 4pm on Friday, January 28.

All signatures will be verified as belonging to members in good standing. Successful petitioners will be added to the slate of candidates and a final slate will be published to this webpage on Wednesday, February 2.

2022 Board of Directors Candidates



















Click HERE for the Current 2022 GVR Board of Directors Candidates and their application responses.

General Information About the Election and Voter Eligibility

A member in good standing is one whose membership account is up to date by the “record date” set as January 28, this year. This means that all dues and any late fees must be paid in full by 4pm on January 28 in order for the member household to receive a ballot or online voting code. The exceptions to this rule are…

…households which have finalized arrangements for a monthly dues payment plan, and households that have applied for 2022 dues relief through the Member Assistance Program (MAP).Each eligible household may submit ONE vote. A member who owns more than one home will receive a single weighted ballot: their vote will be counted for each home they own. If the member owns two homes, their vote will be counted twice. If they own six homes, it will be counted six times.

GVR’s elections are managed by a professional third party. Vote Now, based in Florida, manages elections for community associations in fifteen states. They offer GVR members two ways to vote: online and via requested paper ballot. More information about these options will be posted on this page as the voting period of the election nears. This year, voting will occur from February 18 to March 24.

GVR’s elections are directed by the Nominations and Elections Committee of the Board of Directors and supported by staff. Mark McIntosh is the 2021 Chair. 2021 committee members are Christine Gallegos, Marilyn Luehrmann, David Messick, and Arthur Mournian.

Nominations and elections procedures are outlined in the Bylaws (HERE) in Article V, and in the Corporate Policy Manual (HERE) in Section VI, Subsection 2.

Amended & Restated Bylaws

The GVR Board of Directors Recommends these
Amended and Restated Bylaws

GVR’s current Bylaws are nearly 50 years old and this year members are asked to approve the first comprehensive remodel the document has undergone. Like a remodeled 50 year-old home, the content remains largely the same in the proposed version, but the functionality and presentation have been substantially improved.  (Read more…)

GVR’s Bylaws should provide efficient, effective guidance to members and Directors. In their current state, they fail. Over time, numerous changes and additions have been made in a patchwork way, with little consideration for the context of the whole document, often without consulting legal counsel. Terminology varies from one article to the next, and subjects are scattered under multiple headings. The overall organization of the information has degraded. Further, in several areas, the Bylaws are not in concordance with the Arizona Revised Statutes governing corporations and associations. These concerns have all been addressed in the proposed document.

The revisions, drafted by GVR’s attorney, were made with four goals:

  1. Improved organization. The majority of revisions organize the material, eliminate duplications, and consolidate topics under common headings to create a logical structure that any reader can readily navigate.
  2. Increased clarity. Ambiguities are resolved and terminology is consistent.
  3. Addressing omissions. New passages that have been missing are included.
  4. Legal conformance: Bringing the Bylaws into concordance with the current Arizona Revised Statutes.

These Amended and Restated Bylaws produce a sound governing foundation upon which future changes can be structured. Completing this deferred maintenance now will reduce the cost and time required to keep the document up-to-date in the future. It will further reduce recurring attorney fees associated with interpreting ambiguous passages.

Your vote to adopt the proposed revisions is a vote for smoother governance processes and the increased professionalism of the corporation.

  • Review a list of the more noteworthy revisions HERE.
  • Read an annotated version of the proposed Amended and Revised Bylaws HERE.
  • Read the proposed version without annotation HERE.
  • Find the existing GVR Bylaws HERE.