Facilities Update


  • Please do not enter Work Zones
  • As another reminder, please do not introduce body washes or body soaps into spa water.
  • Use GVR Pools/Spas at Your Own Risk!
  • No Lifeguard on Duty at any GVR Pool
  • No Diving
  • Do not hang on or pull on the swimming pool lane dividers. They are not designed to support the weight of swimmers. The dividers also cannot withstand being pulled up or down far enough for a swimmer to pass over or under without causing damage to the line.

Canoa Hills

  • The bocce courts will be closed beginning 3/16 for full replacement of the courts. The courts are expected to be completed and reopened for play be the end of April. This project is an approved 2020 Club Funding Request

Canoa Ranch

  • The basketball hoop was inspected and tightened

Casa Paloma 2

  • Shuffleboard court lighting repaired

East Center

  • Monthly HVAC filter replacements completed
  • The Fitness Room water cooler has been repaired by the contractor and is now operational
  • The hot water heater for the Lapidary grinding table was replaced

Desert Hills

  • Two pool heaters have been repaired
  • Monthly HVAC filter replacements completed
  • The roof drain on the south side of the Auditorium was repaired
  • Billiards Room roof leak has been repaired

Las Campanas

  • The tree nearest the flagpole was trimmed back to prevent damage to the flag

Madera Vista

  • The Landscape crew cleaned and detailed the center

North Abrego

  • Monthly HVAC filter replacements completed

Santa Rita Springs

  • The modernization and upgrades work for the elevator is underway. The elevator will be closed for the duration of the work. Final inspections are scheduled for the first week of March
  • Vegetation around the upper parking lot was trimmed back to reduce road hazards

South Abrego

  • The Landscape crew has been detailing the sand volleyball courts due to possible pet damage. Signage will be posted to remind members of GVR’s policy on pets on our property
  • The center has been detailed and prepped for Southern Arizona Senior Games events
  • The horseshoe pits have been repainted and striped

West Center

  • The 21’ long grand stand bleachers were assembled and installed at the court#6 viewing area. The purchase was an approved 2020 Club Funding Request item
  • Monthly HVAC filter replacements completed
  • All filters have been replaced to the Woodshop dust collection system.
  • The accessible loading zone for the Woodshop has been repainted
  • The pool and spa were closed on 3/12 for cleaning in preparation for the SWSG event on 3/14

Work Orders

  • 464 work orders have been issued in the month of February
  • 1149 work orders have been issued Y.T.D.

Spas closed for scheduled cleaning and maintenance:

  • Madera Vista: 3/17
  • West Center: 3/19

Please observe caution tape on or around a pool or spa and do not remove it or enter the water.  Only authorized GVR staff members are allowed to remove caution tape and reopen a pool or spa.  Conditions may exist, such as chemicals being out of balance in the pool/spa, that may be dangerous to the health of bathers

Please do not attempt to adjust the spa jet nozzles. The jet nozzles in the spas are not adjustable. If the jets are tampered with it will cause the jet system to be out of balance. This reduces the force of water coming out of all jets in the system.