Facilities Project Reports

Abrego North

  • Repairs were made to the area north of the recreation room after a vehicle ran into a sign post, bicycle rack, and pathway lighting.

Abrego South

  • The filter pump and motor for pool filter #1 was replaced.

Canoa Hills

  • A irrigation leak in the parking lot island was identified and repaired.

Canoa Ranch

  • A leak in the irrigation system west of the pool pickleball courts has been investigated and repaired.
  • Installation of new LED bollard lights has been completed. These lights illuminate the pathway that leads from the southwest parking spaces to the building’s main entrance.
  • Landscape east of the building has been trimmed and detailed

Casa Paloma 2

  • New carpet was installed in the recreation room on 1/8

Desert Hills

  • Tree trimming as well as bush trimming has been completed

East Center

  • Work continues by the pool designer on the pool and spa replacement project. The new pool will be a much larger competition-style pool that will allow for lap/lane swimming, water walking, deep-water exercise and various water sports.
  • A detailed cleanup of the rose garden and landscaping has been completed

Madera Vista

  • Detailed cleanup of the landscape around the center has been completed

Santa Rita Springs

  • Center-wide replacement of irrigation controls and lines is currently underway
  • Contracted construction work of the Clay Studio expansion project is nearing an end. The major construction is completed. Currently, we are awaiting receipt of the custom cabinetry ordered by the club for installation followed by fabrication of custom countertops

West Center

  • Trimming of the vegetation in the courtyard has been completed
  • An irrigation leak located north of the auditorium has been assessed and repaired
  • The landscape around the Tennis Center has been cleaned up and detailed

Pickleball Center

  • Additional small overhead solar LED lights were installed to provide illumination over the gates and walkways
  • A privacy partition was installed inside the men’s restroom entranceway

Canoa Hills Clubhouse

  • Dead vegetation has been removed. Trees stumps have been ground down and/or removed and much of the vegetation has been trimmed and detailed

Spa Cleaning Schedule

  • 1/12 Canoa Ranch
  • 1/14 Canoa Hills