Facilities Update

The Facilities Department is working closely with contractors to take advantage of the imposed center closures by moving Maintenance Repair and Replacement (MRR) and Non-Reserve Capital (NRC) projects that were initially scheduled for later in the year up on the calendar.

All curbs and parking bumpers are being repainted at all centers

Replacement of all spa timers, from push button to dial timers, is underway

Tree trimming throughout all GVR facilities, aside from palms, has been completed.

To comply with the Pima County Health Department guidelines staff is sanitizing all pool decks and pool furniture before every daily session with the Wysiwash Sanitation System. The sport courts, gates and benches are also being sanitized with this system.

The active ingredients in Wysiwash has been shown in numerous tests to be effective against:

Parvovirus Distemper Coronavirus
Giardia Leptospira Listeria
Feline Herpesvirus Canine Parvovirus Feline Calicivirus
Feline Panleukopenia HIV Virus MRSA
Hepatitis Virus Polio E. Coli
Salmonella Swine Flu Avian Influenza (Bird Flu)
Streptococcus Staphylococcus

Abrego North

  • The motion sensor lighting control for men’s locker room has been replaced
  • A hands-free faucet will be installed in the companion restroom and locker rooms

Canoa Hills

  • Pool deck repairs and resurfacing work has begun. The scope of work includes installing an automatic water leveler for the pool, scarifying part of the deck surface, reapplication of acrylic lace texture and recoating.
  • New irrigation being evaluated for repairs
  • The court contractor portion of the bocce court project is complete. Additional concrete on the south end of the courts to provide placement of benches and relocation the club’s shed has been completed. Staff will be meeting with the club on designs and specifications of metal hand rails to be fabricated to assist some players’ stability.

Desert Hills

  • Lapidary plumbing has been inspected and p-traps cleaned
  • Wall mount HEPA filtration unit was installed in the billiards room

East Center

  • Replacement of the single pane windows around the center has been completed. New window treatments will also be installed as part of the project
  • The rose garden is being detailed by landscaping crews

Las Campanas

  • The roof has been inspected

Santa Rita Springs

  • Some of the landscaping around the center is being redesigned and replacement of dead or dying vegetation is nearing completion. New gravel will be installed in the coming weeks
  • All irrigation controls have been repaired

West Center

  • A new leak from the ceiling in Room 1 is being traced
  • Bird-proofing materials have been ordered and will be installed on top of the tennis court light heads
  • Hands-free sink faucets were installed in the tennis ramada restrooms
  • Landscape is being detailed and irrigation lines are being tended to.

Pickleball Center

  • Additional fence top protectors have been installed
  • Additional windsocks will be installed in the coming weeks once the extension poles have been received

Spa Cleanings

The following spas will be closed for scheduled servicing and cleanings on:

  • West Center: Tuesday, August 11
  • Las Campanas: Thursday, August 13