East Center Pool Project


The pool at East Center was built in 1964 by the Maxon brothers—the original builders in Green Valley—before Green Valley Recreation existed. In-ground pools tend to have a lifespan of about 30 years, so when the East Center pool finally developed an irreparable leak in February of 2020, it had more than fulfilled its duty. The final leak occurred along a previously-mended crack, and is thought to have occurred as a result of soil conditions beneath the pool shell.

This past winter, CEO Scott Somers and Facilities Director David Jund met with residents from the nearby neighborhoods to discuss what they’d like to see built to replace the pool. The Board of Directors approved the pursuit of concept plans based on that feedback, and at the May 26 regular meeting, the Directors selected this plan, estimated (without demolition or soil mitigation work) to cost $695,000.


Click HERE for the Board Meeting Book from the May 26 meeting, which includes all three of the pool concepts that the board considered before making their selection.

On June 1, demolition of the failed pool, spa, and deck will begin. A camera has been installed so members may watch the work as it occurs.