Cell Phone Use

Cell phones in the fitness centers, in my opinion, should not be allowed as they are EXTREMELY annoying. If a member has something that urgent going on in his or her life then it should be taken care of elsewhere. I don’t feel that I should be forced to hear their conversations if I don’t… Read more »

2-sided signage

Add 2-sided signage at driveway entrances. The Facilities staff will keep this suggestion in mind when updating signage throughout GVR campus.

CR Basketball

Many of my friends and I like to shoot hoops. There is a serious need for new/better basketballs. I’m told to talk to Miles. So Miles, can we have new basketballs?

CR Signage

How about lighting the sign with the address of the Canoa Center on it. Every time we host a GVR D dance Club event at the Canoa Center we have a minimum of 5 people tell us that they had a difficult time locating the center. Better yet, a lighted sign saying Canoa Center that… Read more »

shower drains smell

Men’s change room and locker room – shower, drains, sink etc. smell. I’ve complained once a year for several years. Apparently, the work was not properly done according to various custodians at Las Companas throughout the years.

LC Shower

For a minimal outlay it would greatly improve the showering experience if adjustable height and/or personal shower heads were installed. Women from 4’ 10” – 5’ 10” do not find a one-size fits all works very well.