Fitness Equipment

Incline Bench Press

Muscle Used: Pectoralis Major, Deltoid. Muscle Used For: Pectoralis Major – Draws the shoulders and arms forward and inward, Deltoid – Lifts the arm in all directions. Muscle Location: Pectoralis… Read more »

Free Weights

Most centers posses a free weight range of 2 to 50 pound weights. Free weights are great for strength training. They provide a better range of motion than that of… Read more »

Nordic Track

This piece of equipment simulates the motions of cross-country skiing. It will burn calories, tone muscles and condition the cardiovascular system.

Multi Hip

Muscle Used: Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Gluteus Maximus. Muscle Used For: Quadriceps – Extending the leg, Gluteus Maximus – Extending the thigh androtating it outward, Hamstrings – Flexing/curling the lower leg relative… Read more »

Biceps Curl

Muscle Used: Biceps. Muscle Used For: To twist the forearm upwards and flex/curl the lower arm relative to the upper arm. Muscle Location: Front of upper arm.


Muscle Used: Rectus Abdominus. Muscle Used For: To flex the spinal column. Muscle Location: Stomach area.

Knee Raise

Muscle Used: Rectus Abdominus. Muscle Used For: Flexing the spinal column. Muscle Location: Stomach area.

Lower Back

Muscle Used: Spinal Erectors. Muscle Used For: Support and hold the spine erect and straighten the back from the bent position. Muscle Location: Center Lower Back.


This machine is used for cardiovascular conditioning. It works all the major muscles in the lower body.

In-Out Thigh

Muscle Used: Vastus Lateralis. Muscle Used For: Straightening the leg. Muscle Location: Outer Thigh.