Member Outreach

Chat with the CEO 3.1.2021

Chat with the CEO 3.1.2021 Location: Abrego South Attendees: 9   Most Common Themes Rebuild the East Center pool as it was, not as a pool for competitive swimmers Continue to expand hours and resume activities   What GVR Does Well Offers a variety of clubs, programs, and activities Maintains facilities Prior to Covid, accessibility… Read more »

Chat with the CEO 2.25.21

2.25.21 CPI Attendees: 7   Most Common Themes Improve outreach and services to folks who struggle to access GVR facilities and digital news channels Improve member-friendly policies and practices (no-show fees, inflexibility with space reservations). Increase accessibility of financial information (produce simple pie charts, translate insider terms, identify what various funds are for). Provide easy-to-understand… Read more »

Chat with the CEO Notes

On February 19, Scott Somers began a series of weekly conversations with the members, as a means of introducing himself and learning about the memberships concerns and priorities “from the horse’s mouth.” The remarks and themes from each meeting will be posted here. _____________________________ 2.19.2021 Location: EC Auditorium Attendees: 17 Most Common Themes -Communication Communication… Read more »