inappropriate reading material

Was swimming yesterday afternoon and a gentleman several lounge chairs down from me was reading a Playboy magazine. To me this is uncalled for. There should be some pool policies for this (and enforcement). If this is allowed within GVR facilities what is next? This gentleman should read his magazines such as this at home.

DH Concierge Kiosk

Could someone please fix the kiosk…pages will not load – it’s just taking up space and is of no use to the members who paid for it. response: Connection has been repaired at kiosk.

Showers at CH

The electrical outlets in the ladies’ locker room no longer work. This makes it impossible to blow dry/style my hair after showering. This seems to correlate to the solar project. When do they anticipate restoring this power? Thanks!

Play Yard

Put in one play yard for great and grandchildren – our only activity we can use is swim pools – How about a $2,000 for a small play yard. If we can spend 2 million for pickleball.

Cell Phone Use

Cell phones in the fitness centers, in my opinion, should not be allowed as they are EXTREMELY annoying. If a member has something that urgent going on in his or her life then it should be taken care of elsewhere. I don’t feel that I should be forced to hear their conversations if I don’t… Read more »