Past News

Kent’s Korner 10-5-18

Kent’s Korner CEO Kent J. Blumenthal, Ph.D., CAE October 5, 2018   “I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.” –Thomas Jefferson   Prologue Friends often ask where I get ideas to write about. Sometimes a topic stems from what occurred (or did not occur) at a recent GVR… Read more »

Kent’s Korner 9-21-18

Kent’s Korner CEO Kent J. Blumenthal, Ph.D., CAE September 21, 2018 “Did you ever notice that people who don’t take time to do a job right the first time somehow always find time to do it over again?”   – Dad We all carry tapes that play over in our minds of past lessons, advice and… Read more »

RESCHEDULED: GVR – GVR Foundation Relationship Forum

A Member Forum regarding the GVR-GVR Foundation Relationship originally set for September 21 at GVR East Center has been rescheduled. The Forum will instead be held in two sessions, one in October and repeated in November for the benefit of our snowbirds. The GVR- GVR Foundation Ad Hoc committee composed of Directors of both GVR… Read more »

Kent’s Korner – September 14, 2018

Kent’s Korner CEO Kent J. Blumenthal, Ph.D., CAE September 14, 2018 GVR Capital Projects & How They are Funded David Jund, GVR Facilities Director, is this week’s Kent’s Korner guest columnist. David went to Art School at the Phoenix Art Institute where he studied Graphic Art. He graduated in 1987, and became the Assistant Facility… Read more »

Kent’s Korner – August 17, 2018

A Member’s Voice I read a lot of correspondence from GVR members, mostly email. Email specifically meant for me is received at, whereas email intended for the GVR Board is sent to the Board’s generic email account at At a Board work session on August 9, the latest version of the proposed 2018/2019… Read more »

Kent’s Korner

Green Valley vs. ‘Suburbia’ Symbiotic, Though Uniquely Different Experiences   As I drove to a Costco in Tucson last Sunday, I took a hard look at extensive residential home construction on both sides of I-19 in Sahuarita.  Obviously, the area’s economy is still expanding, and the Town of Sahuarita is doing well at what it… Read more »

Next Conversation with Kent

Tuesday, August 7 at the West Center Auditorium from 9:00am to 10:30am. This will be the third conversation with Kent on the topic of communications. To view the notes from the previous conversation with Kent, click HERE.

Kent’s Korner

I returned this week from my first real vacation in forever. Yes, ‘forever’ because I do not recall my last true vacation. My wife, daughter and I traveled to Ireland and the UK for two weeks. My daughter planned the trip of her parents’ lifetime to places we had only dreamed of visiting. The only… Read more »

Kent’s Korner

I’m risk adverse. When it comes to GVR facilities, programs, and services, it’s safety first. No two ways about it, no equivocating. The last thing that anyone wants is for a member to be injured. The result could be costly for the injured individual and GVR. A little-known part of my job is to read… Read more »

Kent’s Korner

Several positive key data points emerged from the 2018 GVR member survey results concerning communications. About 70% of survey respondents rated the communication from GVR or about GVR as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’. 75% of respondents either ‘strongly agreed’, or ‘somewhat agreed’ with the statement “I receive news and information about GVR in a timely manner.”… Read more »