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Hot Tub Chemicals

Canoa Ranch Hot Tub: Reduce the corrosive chemicals in the hot tub. I am one of a number of members that is getting a skin rash/skin burning from the level… Read more »

Comfortable Chairs

Would like to see more comfortable chairs for West Center concerts and movies. We are a senior community and have heard of a lot of complaints about uncomfortable chairs! The… Read more »

Smoking at East Center

My suggestion is to ban smoking within 20 feet of entrance and front covered walkway. The present smoking area and bench are not acceptable. Walking within 10 feet of the… Read more »

Smoking at East Center

I have a concern about what I have experienced several times regarding the designated smoking area(s) at East Center. Is the designated smoking area 20 feet from the building? If… Read more »

Hair Dryers / ID checks

1. Place hair dryers in women’s locker room like Las Campanas has. 2. Have maintenance people check ID’s more so younger people aren’t using “grandpa’s“ ID badge. 1. Maintenance staff… Read more »