Center Reservations

GVR Reservations

Welcome to Green Valley Recreation Reservations. It is our pleasure to work with GVR Members, GVR Clubs, HOA’s and Community Organizations. Please call Jody Crawford at (520) 625-3440 x 7202 or Email her at if you would like to make a reservation. If you are a GVR Member you may want to reserve a room for an event such as a Birthday Celebration, Anniversary Party, Family Reunion, Neighborhood potluck, etc. All room reservations are subject to availability.

Click here for Reservation Request Form

GVR members may use GVR facilities at no cost (not including coffee service, Audio/Visual service, Catering fee, etc.) as long as everyone who attends a function is a GVR member or a GVR guest (the guest(s) attending must live 20 miles or beyond from Green Valley). The member in whose name the reservation is made, must ensure that guests attending have a proper guest pass.

GVR members who want to reserve a room for one or two days a week may reserve a room on a 3 month reservation. See Three-month Reservation Option.

Everyone attending an event must sign in by either swiping their membership or guest card, or signing an attendance sheet.


Approved Caterers

GVR Caterers

GVR has a list of approved caterers you may hire for your events. See GVR Caterers Option. We pre-approve the caterers to assure they have the proper Pima County license and health permits and insurance. Please note approved caterers are charged a $50 per event fee for the use of GVR facilities.



  • GVR is a non-profit organization. We rent our facilities to for-profit organizations, see fee sheet for the appropriate fees and costs.
  • Any group that is made up of both GVR members and non-GVR members is considered a non-member group and rental fees are charged for facility use.
  • For Rentals there is a Facility Fee for each of our rooms. You can click to view a chart that shows “fees and room sizes.”
  • All Non GVR groups must submit (in writing) a request for a room with details of the event before a reservation is approved.
  • Attendees must sign the GVR attendance sheet at events.
  • All reservations must have one contact person who will sign the contract. The contact person must read, sign and agree to the Terms and Conditions. See Terms and Conditions form.