Facilities Project Reports

Update: 1.12.22

The following projects are currently in process:

  • East Center Pool Replacement The spa & pool were plastered on November 17 and during the following three days it was filled with water serving the purpose of curing it.
  • Desert Hills Fitness Pima County has issued the construction permit and Barker Contracting is currently scheduling the start-up of project construction.
  • Kino Room at Santa Rita Springs (future home to the Computer Club) Construction has been completed and all inspections passed. Computer Club is finalizing their move-in.
  • Santa Cruz Room at Santa Rita Springs New flooring and ballet barres have been installed. The room is reopened.
  • Future Arts and Crafts Room at Santa Rita Springs (formerly Agave Room within the existing Computer Club space).
  • Expansion of Ceramics at Desert Hills As of December 1, the vacated Arts and Crafts Room has been handed over to the Ceramics Club for the club expansion. The architect is developing further future expansion designs.
  • Future Glass Arts space at Santa Rita Springs (formerly the Computer Club space). Preliminary design updates have been completed by WSM and reviewed by the club. Final designs are underway. The Board will be asked to award a contract to Barker Contracting in future.
  • Architectural Drawings at Del Sol Clubhouse The architect is finalizing the plans and will be submitting construction documents for the upper level restrooms to Pima County for permit issuance. Staff is coordinating with the contractor to begin construction as soon as possible.
  • Architectural, Space, and Cost Estimates for a Potential West Center Arts Center Three meetings with the Lapidary Club, one with Metalworking Crafts Club and Seaver-Franks Architects (SFA) have been conducted. Programming designs are being developed and should be received in December.