Del Sol Clubhouse

Construction of the upper floor restrooms continues. Installation of floor and wall tile in the upper floor restrooms is complete. All plumbing fixtures have been installed. Partitions and lighting fixtures are next to be installed. Remodel work has begun on the main room. Schematic designs are expected in two weeks, and construction documents are anticipated five weeks after. This will then be followed by permitting which may be a ten-week period due to the parking lot development plan.

Half of the upper floor is now open for drop-in billiards play (three tables) and soft-tip darts. Members will find complimentary water bottles in a small fridge, and portable toilets/handwashing facilities outside the front door.

The architect is finalizing the plans and will be submitting construction documents for the upper-level restrooms to Pima County for permit issuance.

  • Staff has coordinated with the contractor to begin construction of the restrooms this month
  • The upper level has had all new flooring installed, windows replaced and the interior repainted
  • The HVAC systems for the upper level have been replaced, as well
  • The architect is also developing designs for the lower level of the building and a redesign of the parking lots
  • The designs for the lower level will include a billiards hall, game/card room and two restrooms

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