Desert Hills Fitness

At a regular meeting on Wednesday, August 24, the Board of Directors awarded a construction contract to Barker Contractors. Once permits are obtained, Barker will begin the work of converting the defunct shuffleboard courts at Desert Hills Center to an expanded fitness room. The adjacent billiards room will be converted to a multi-purpose fitness studio and billiards will move half a mile south to the Del Sol Clubhouse. When the new fitness center is complete, the existing small center will be repurposed.

DH Fitness Concept Drawings
Fitness Equipment Concept Drawings

Work has begun on the expansion of the Desert Hills fitness center. The very noisy and dusty demolition phase will last until about January 24, followed immediately by a dustier, but perhaps not quite as noisy two-week concrete work phase. Desert Hills clubs and regular users have been notified, so please bear with them if you find an event has been moved or rescheduled to avoid the ruckus.

During the concrete work phase, which is currently scheduled from 1/25-2/7, the pool will close.

On Sunday, January 9, the billiards room at Desert Hills will close permanently. The tables will find a new home (including new Diamond Lights) at the Del Sol Clubhouse just down the street.
The Clubhouse is not yet open, so in the meantime the East Center Art Room will be home to a snooker and a billiards table. Watch for an opening date at that temporary location in next week’s eblast.

This is a messy project, but an exciting one. Members should be enjoying the improved facility this spring. Thank you in advance for your patience with the moving parts, racket, and dust.

The Desert Hills Fitness project remains on schedule. Concrete was poured last week and now is the actual build-out of the shell of the fitness room.  The framing stage of the fitness room is continuing until at least February 17. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough-ins will begin on February 16.

Interior walls are painted. Doors, door hardware, and glass have been installed. Final electrical trim, lighting fixtures are being installed. Flooring systems are being installed. Paint of the new stucco will occur next week. Hand rails and mechanical equipment yard fencing is being installed next week. The HVAC availability and shipping date has shifted the estimated final day of construction.

Access the fitness room, locker rooms, and sauna via the (lower lot) southeast gate.