East Center Pool Project

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East Center Pool Replacement. Interior finishes of the pool and spa have been applied and are curing. To prevent cracking, staining and other damage both the pool and spa have been filled with water. Opening of the pool to the members is slated for 12/15.

9.8.22  GVR’s Facilities Director has received this letter from the pool contractor:

David, I just wanted to provide you, the board and the members with a brief summary/update on the progress of the pool construction.

In December of 2019, Cimarron Circle started the construction of the new pool. For the first 4 to 5 months, I feel that progress moved smoothly and we were able to get the tile installed on the pool. Cimarron was pleased with the progress and it appeared from speaking to the members walking around, they were also pleased and excited.

In February, Cimarron Circle released the go ahead to the umbrella contractor to start production. At this point, they informed Cimarron Circle that the existing soil would not support the engineering for the footings. I sent this information off to the design team (Aquatic Consultant and Pool Structural Engineer) for consultation. After months of back and forth between the design team and umbrella contractor/umbrella engineer, It was determined that the team should have a group meeting to discuss the situation more. This meeting happen on June 20th. It was determined from this meeting, that the GeoTech Engineer, that GVR had retained, and the Structural Engineer, for the umbrellas, work out a solution for this issue. After a month or so of these engineers working on a solution, the Signed and Sealed plans were provided and the umbrella contractor applied for the permit with Pima County on 8-24-22.

During the time that the engineering was being worked out, Cimarron Circle continued with other work in the pool area. We constructed the masonry walls, built the light pole columns and starting installing the pool equipment. We also did as much deck prep work as possible, but until the footings for the umbrellas are poured we could not proceed with the concrete flat work. With it being a colored concrete finish, we need to pour the decking, as close as possible, to consecutive days, to avoid a major color difference in the deck color. Also, the fence cannot be installed until the deck is poured.

I know that the board and the members have been disappointed in the progress for the past few months, which the construction team understands. Moving forward, we will be working on the equipment room install,  the umbrella install (once the permit is approved) and then continue on with the decking, fence and interior finish install. At that point we can fill the pool.

Completion date is still a moving target, but Cimarron Circle and rest of the team will do as much as possible to complete the pool and get it turned over to the members for use as soon as possible. I know it has been a long time coming and the members (along with construction team) are getting anxious to complete and use the pool again.

Thanks to everyone for their patience,

Tim Freeman
Vice President
Cimarron Circle Construction Company

12.17.21  The earthwork phase of the project began last week and is going smoothly. Members who visit the site or take a peek via the construction camera can now get a good idea of the shape of the pool and layout of the pool deck.

11.10.21  Earthwork is scheduled to begin no later than December 13.

10.27.21  The Board of Directors awarded a contract to Cimarron Circle Construction of Tucson to commence building a new pool and spa at East Center.

  • The pool will be 30’x60’ with an extended 18’x25’ shallow area – the “L”
  • The “L” depth ranges from 3’ to 4’ with sidewall mounted stainless steel exercise bars
  • There will be a 30’x20’ area with a maximum depth of 8’6”
  • There will be one designated lap lane with stainless steel recessed steps in the sidewall of the pool so that the lane has no obstructions
  • The pool and spa will both have ADA chair lifts
  • Salt chlorine generators will provide primary sanitation to the pool and spa
  • Hydroxyl systems will provide secondary sanitation to both bodies of water
  • CO2 will provide the pH control to the pool and spa
  • Water chemistry controlled automation is WIFI capable
  • High efficiency natural gas heaters will provide heating
  • All main drains will be VGB compliant
  • Three 12’x12’ cantilevered deck mounted shade structures are planned
  • The spa is designed to accommodate 14 persons at 7’x17’ in dimension
  • Pool and spa will include low voltage high efficiency LED lighting


The pool at East Center was built in 1963 by the Maxon brothers—the original builders in Green Valley—before Green Valley Recreation existed. In-ground pools tend to have a lifespan of about 30 years, so when the East Center pool finally developed an irreparable leak in February of 2020, it had more than fulfilled its duty. The final leak occurred along a previously-mended crack, and is thought to have occurred as a result of soil conditions beneath the pool shell.

The Aquatics Subcommittee of the GVR Planning and Evaluation Committee developed a list of recommended features for a replacement pool. In the winter of 2021, CEO Scott Somers and Facilities Director David Jund met with residents from the nearby neighborhoods to discuss the features they would like to see. The Board of Directors approved the pursuit of concept plans developed from the recommendations of the subcommittee and user groups.