2021 Strategic Planning

GVR is developing a Five-Year Strategic Plan to replace the previous plan that expired in 2018 (read it HERE).  The Board of Directors and staff will rely heavily on member input as they craft the goals GVR will pursue through 2026, and the strategies for meeting those goals. GVR has contracted with Zelos LLC to facilitate the process, with an aim toward having a final plan in place well before the 2022 budget is developed. The process will occur in six stages:

  1. Orientation for the two teams the will be responsible for developing the plan—the Board of Directors and a staff team
  2. Conduct an “environmental scan” to determine GVR’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and probable near-term challenges
    1. Collect and review documents including the 2013 Strategic Plan, the 2018 survey of the membership and governing documents
    2. So informed, draft a focus group plan and survey questions
    3. Facilitate member focus groups. Distribute survey to all members
    4. Complete analysis and summary of all data collected
  3. Facilitated review of the data by the Board of Directors
  4. Board drafts goals. Staff drafts supporting objectives and strategies
  5. Staff presents draft plan to the Board of Directors (Work Session, July 21)
  6. Department heads are trained on implementation, including how progress will be reported to the Board and the membership

Click HERE to read an introduction to strategic planning.

Click HERE to read the Request for Proposal to which Zelos successfully responded.

7.29.21 Update:

Click HERE to read the plan approved on 7.28 by the Board of Directors.

Click HERE for Survey Results Report

5.14.21 Update:

Next week, step 2.c will begin with focus groups. The survey will be distributed the week after on May 24. Click HERE for a press release that includes the details.