Election 2023

Each year, member households in good standing elect four of their peers to sit on the Board of Directors for a 3-year term. The following directors are finishing terms: Kathi Bachelor, Barbara Blake, Donna Coon, and Bev Lawless.


A member in good standing is one whose membership account is up to date by the “record date” set as January 30, this year. The exceptions to this rule are:

  • Members that have finalized arrangements for a monthly dues payment plan
  • Members that have applied for 2023 dues relief through the Member Assistance Program (MAP).

Members may vote between March 1 and March 23, either online or via mail-in paper ballot.

Each eligible household may submit ONE vote.

In late February, all eligible households will receive via USPS, a notice of the Annual Meeting of the Corporation. That notice will include a VOTER CODE. Please retain this important piece of information. If you need a paper ballot, follow instructions to request one.

On March 1, all eligible households with an email address on file with their membership records will receive a voter code and a voting link via email. This should be the same voter code issued in traditional mail via USPS.

Need help to vote online? Volunteers from the Nominations and Elections Committee are available to help from 10am-Noon:
Wednesday, March 1 at East Center
Wednesday, March 8 at Desert Hills
Monday, March 13 at Las Campanas
Monday, March 20 at West Center

Bring your GVR card and the voter code you received in the mail. A volunteer will help you log in to the voting website, provide very brief instructions, then give you privacy to vote as you wish.

Do you own multiple properties? Members who own more than one property will receive a single voter code. Your vote will be counted for each GVR property you own. If you own two properties, your vote will be counted twice. If you own six properties, it will be counted six times. If you own multiple properties and wish to receive a separate voter code for each property, please contact NanciM@gvrec.org.

The Nominations and Elections Committee of the Board of Directors oversees GVR elections. Beth Dingman is the 2022 Chair. 2022 committee members are Marilyn Luehrmann, Arthur Mournian, Gail Vanderhoof, Gail Ault, Barbara Blake, Regina Ford, and Lou Sampson.  Nominations and Elections procedures are outlined in the Bylaws (HERE) in Article V, and in the Corporate Policy Manual (HERE) in Part 3, Section 6.

GVR’s elections are managed by a professional third party. Vote-Now.com manages elections for community associations in fifteen states.

Election results will be announced shortly after 4pm on March 23, via GVR’s Friday “eblast” (electronic email) and on GVR’s Facebook page. A press release will be issued by 5pm.



February 22: Candidate meet-and-greet before and after the 2pm regular meeting of the Board of Directors at West Center Auditorium.

February 23: Candidate forum, 10 am, donuts & coffee, West Center Auditorium

February 27: Candidate forum, 5pm, wine & cheese, West Center Auditorium

March 1: Voting begins

March 23: Election ends, winners announced

March 29: Annual meeting of the Corporation