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You may have seen these boxes scattered around GVR—they were created by the Woodworkers of GVR club! Leave your suggestions in the box and they will be responded to in the list below.

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List of Suggestions


It would be nice to have an infra-red sauna. They are better for you than steam saunas.

East Center Toilets

Please consider replacing the toilets in the ladies restroom. I believe they are water saving, since it is often impossible to flush all the waste (including just toilet paper) even after several flushes.
In addition, the toilets are so low that it is hard for me (5’1-1/2” to get up easily. Either higher toilets and/or handicap bar would be appreciated.

suggestion forwarded to facilities deptartment for consideration when toilets are replaced.


Hi, I think it would be great if you could add dumbbells up to 80 lbs. I think there are a lot of us that would use it. Thanks much!

Electric Outlet

Could it be possible to have an extra electrical extension outlet at the East Center lobby for a person to use when plugging in for my laptop computer?

suggestion was forwarded to facilities department for future consideration.

CH Pool

The outside lights and pool lights need to stay on longer. It’s dark at 5:30 p.m. and they are off already.

CR Fitness

1. Conspicuously place notices to remind members to not wear cologne or perfume in the workout area.

2. Put a reminder of the above on the GVR website and in the GVR NOW.
Many people are sensitive to the scents of perfumes and colognes. These scents can trigger allergic and asthmatic reactions.

24/7 access

Keep GVR Rec Centers (at least one) open 24/7!

inappropriate reading material

Was swimming yesterday afternoon and a gentleman several lounge chairs down from me was reading a Playboy magazine. To me this is uncalled for. There should be some pool policies for this (and enforcement). If this is allowed within GVR facilities what is next? This gentleman should read his magazines such as this at home.

Fitness Equipment

I would like to see a NuStep machine in each major fitness center. The NuStep is highly recommended for cardiac rehab and for those who have had heart issues. I use the one at Las Campanas and the East Center but also use the Canoa Hills and Canoa Ranch locations and there is no NuStep at either one.

suggestion was shared with fitness coordinator for consideration when equipment is being replaced.

DH Concierge Kiosk

Could someone please fix the kiosk…pages will not load – it’s just taking up space and is of no use to the members who paid for it.

Connection has been repaired at kiosk.

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