“Membership Matters” Campaign Begins Soon

GVR is launching a new campaign to tighten up security of our centers and to ensure that only authorized members, tenants and guest are using our facilities. GVR has a responsibility to protect our members’ investment and interests to ensure that unauthorized persons do not have access to our private facilities unless an event is open to the public.

GVR is beginning a”Membership Matters” campaign soon. A team of two GVR staff will be making the rounds at all major and satellite centers and conducting random and unscheduled “spot checks” during the day and in the evening. Staff will politely request proper identification (GVR Member, Tenant Card or Guest Card) from those present in an area. These will occur at pools, fitness centers, sports courts, designated space clubs and other locations around GVR’s centers. Individuals who cannot or refuse to produce proper GVR identification will be asked to leave the premises.

Guest card holders also will be asked to show a photo ID, driver’s license, or other verifiable form of ID to confirm they reside 20 miles outside GVR’s boundary. If they do not comply with the request for ID, or if they live within GVR boundaries, guests will be asked to leave.

The corporation takes seriously its responsibility to restrict access to our facilities to only authorized dues paying members and their authorized guests for your safety and security and to honor your member privileges.

Please be sure to carry your GVR membership ID, tenant card or guest card with you at ALL TIMES when you are visiting GVR’s centers. You are required to show your GVR ID whenever requested to do so by staff or authorized volunteers as a condition of your membership