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GVR Offices

The Administrative Office is open for in-person business on both a walk-in and appointment basis, operating Monday-Friday from 10am-2pm.

Appointments are encouraged as the lobby is small and there will be a limit of three people in that space.

Customer Service Representatives remain available by phone Monday through Friday from 8am until 4pm and we encourage members to exercise this option whenever possible.

Please call (520) 625-3440 and listen to the menu options.

Tenants who wish to purchase tenant cards must do so over the phone. Click HERE for details.

2021 Annual Dues are due. Click below for drop-box locations.

Dues drop boxes are located at:

Administrative Offices (outside the front door) 1070 S Calle de las Casitas
Canoa Hills (lobby) 3660 S Camino del Sol
East Center (lobby) 7 S Abrego Dr.
Santa Rita Springs (outside office door) 921 W Via Rio Fuerte
West Center (outside office doors Mon. – Fri.) 1111 W GVR Drive
Las Campanas (on office door) 565 W Belltower Dr

Due to the high volume of dues payments received this time of year, late fees will not be assessed until on or after January 30, 2021.

Tenants who wish to purchase tenant cards must do so over the phone.  Click HERE for details.

Covid-19 and GVR

Click HERE for the new COVID-19 page where you will find the mask rules, a list of recent Covid cases on campus, and information links.

GVR welcomes returning snowbirds! Performers are booked, classes are scheduled, the pools are open, and the weather is fine. However, this season will be very different from any other GVR has seen… 

Through the summer, adaptations to the usual program were initiated, tested, and amended. They are now feeling familiar and manageable to the year-round residents, but they do require ongoing patience, accommodation, and generosity of spirit. GVR is determined to continue finding safe ways for members to enjoy the facilities and each other’s company. If you haven’t yet subscribed to the weekly e-newsletter, please do so now (HERE), to stay abreast of changes and new offerings.


The Arizona Department of Health Services states that people over age 65 or with serious underlying health conditions should avoid using pools and fitness centers at this time.

GVR facilities are open to the extent that regulations allow.

Occupancy limits have been reduced in all indoor spaces, pools, and spas.

Masks are required indoors. No mask? No entry. No exceptions. Masks must be intact and worn properly, covering the nose and mouth.

Masks are required outdoors except for people who are:

Under age five

Actively playing ball on a court

Engaged in water exercise that will naturally result in a wet mask

Communicating with someone who must read lips

Medically unable

Per the CDC: Face shields are not adequate substitutes for masks. Members who are exempt from wearing masks outdoors may choose to wear a face shield if they wish.

Social distancing (at least six feet) is also required, indoors and out, aside from brief moments of passing in lanes and passageways. Even if the occupancy limit of a space has not been reached, if a member’s preferred activity cannot be pursued with continuous social distancing, the member must wait until others leave the area.

No one may enter or use a GVR facility if they have symptoms of Covid-19 or flu-like illnesses. Members who appear to be ill will be asked to leave. If a member has had close contact with a person who develops flu-like symptoms, we ask that member to refrain from coming to GVR facilities until they have consulted a physician.

All staff are screened for symptoms before contact with members.

Staff will sanitize high-touch surfaces frequently. You will likely observe this work. Some disinfecting solutions are designed to dry on surfaces and will therefore not be wiped or rinsed off. Once dry, these surfaces are safe for skin contact.

Reservations are required to use the fitness centers. As snowbirds arrive, demand for other facilities (lap lanes, for example) may increase and GVR may require reservations for their use.

Due to occupancy limits, guests are not permitted in pools or fitness centers at this time. Tenants, Additional Cardholders, and Resident Youth Cardholders are permitted.

Showers and lockers are available on a limited basis. Please do not linger in showers as others will likely be waiting.

Drinking fountains and ice machines are not available. Bring all the water you expect to need.

Pool noodles and life jackets are not available. Members may bring their own, but may not share equipment with people they do not live with.

Water aerobics is happening on a limited basis and lap lanes/spas remain open during water aerobics sessions.

Congregating or lounging on pool decks is not permitted. Members may briefly linger on the deck to dry off, if no other swimmers are waiting to enter the area.

Inside the centers, select rooms will be pre-set with furniture that members are not permitted to move. GVR staff will spend their time sanitizing surfaces instead of resetting meeting spaces.

Classes, lectures, and meetings will occur, but perhaps not in the location or at the time you might be used to, and the configuration of the furniture may be new to you. Occupancy limits will be reduced in order to maintain social distancing and to abide by current regulations.

Socials are not being scheduled at this time.

Food is not currently permitted inside the centers. Members are expected to remain properly masked at all times when indoors. Water and coffee service has been suspended, but groups are welcome to bring boxed coffee (Starbucks) and are encouraged to carry water bottles. Briefly lowering a mask to drink is OK.

Only those activities that are compatible with social distancing are currently permitted.

Some clubs have resumed activity. Some have declined to do so as they cannot envision a safe scenario. Others are preparing to resume. Please contact your club’s president if you have questions about when or if your club plans to reopen.

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Currently Open Seven Days a Week


Pool (Max. Capacity)

7 Days/Week

For all currently open pools except West Center:

Member family swim: 11:00am-1:00pm  & 4:00pm-6:00pm

For West Center:

Member family swim: Noon-6:00pm, seven days a week

Guests are not permitted in pools, spas or on the pool deck at this time.

Water Aerobics Click HERE for details
Abrego North (Max. 23): Lap exercise, unstructured use 5:30am-6:00pm
Abrego South (Max. 18): Lap exercise and unstructured use. 5:30am-6:00pm
Canoa Hills (Max. 29): Lap exercise, unstructured use 5:30am-6:00pm
Canoa Ranch (Max. 25): Lap exercise, unstructured use 5:30am-7:00pm
Casa Paloma I (Max. 16): Lap exercise and unstructured use 5:30am-6:00pm
Casa Paloma II (Max. 13): Good for lap swim and unstructured use 5:30am-6:00pm
Continental Vistas (Max. 13): Lap exercise, limited opportunities for unstructured use 5:30am-6:00pm
Desert Hills (Max. 25): Lap exercise. Some unstructured use 5:30am-6:00pm
Las Campanas (Max. 29): Lap exercise, unstructured use 5:30am-7:00pm
7:00am-7:00pm Thursdays (delayed opening for cleaning)
Madera Vista (Max. 11): Unstructured use 5:30am-6:00pm
Santa Rita Springs (Max. 29): Lap exercise, some unstructured use 5:30am-6:00pm
West Center (Max. 27): Lap exercise. Limited unstructured use See Below
  • 5:30am-6:00pm Tuesday and Thursday
  • 5:30am-7:30am and 10:30am-6:00pm, Monday, Friday
  • 7:00am-6:00pm Wednesday (delayed opening for cleaning)
  • Swim Club: 8:00am-11:00am, Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Fitness Centers

Canoa Ranch and Las Campanas fitness centers are open seven days a week from 6:00am to 7:00pm. East Center is open from 7:30am to 2:30pm. Members may use fitness centers by RESERVATION ONLY.

Click HERE to make a reservation and review protocols.

Guests are not permitted in fitness centers at this time.

Racket Sports

7 Days/Week
Canoa Hills Tennis: 2 courts 6:00am-dusk
Canoa Ranch Pickleball: 4 courts 7:00am-dusk
Desert Hills Tennis: 4 courts 6:00am-dusk
East Center Tennis: 2 courts
Pickleball courts (8)
6:00am-8:45pm (lighted courts)
Las Campanas Tennis: 2 courts -Racquetball, 1 court open at a time Tennis 6:00am-dusk

Racquetball 8:00am-4:00pm M-F only

Madera Vista Tennis: 1 court (1 lighted) 6:00am-8:45pm
Pickleball Center Pickleball: 24 courts 6:00am-dusk
West Center Tennis: 6 courts (4 lighted) 6:00am-8:45pm

Other Activities

7 Days/Week

 Activity Location Hours Notes
Basketball Canoa Ranch 5:30am-6:00pm SEE BELOW
Billiards Desert Hills, West Center Hours vary Click HERE for details
Bocce Canoa Hills 5:30am-6:00pm Bring your own bocce set
Las Campanas 5:30am-6:00pm
Currently Active Clubs varies See active clubs here
Horseshoes Abrego South 5:30am-6:00pm
Casa Paloma I 5:30am-6:00pm
Movies West Center varies See movie listings here
Outdoor Fitness Classes See Classes
Sand Volleyball Abrego South 5:30am-6:00pm
Shuffleboard Abrego South 5:30am-6:00pm
Casa Paloma I 5:30am-6:00pm
Casa Paloma II 5:30am-6:00pm
Madera Vista 5:30am-6:00pm
West Center 6:30am-Dusk
Table Tennis Canoa Hills auditorium 6:00am-6:00pm Club Priority Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat 6:00am-1:00pm
Water Volleyball Abrego South 11:00am-1:00pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Basketball Notes:

  • Loaner balls are NOT available. Bring your own basketball.
  • Social distancing (minimum 6 feet) is expected, so plan to shoot baskets and do solo drills vs. play half-court games.
  • Drinking fountains are NOT available. Bring lots of water.
  • Bring your own hand sanitizer.
  • The restroom are in the building


The health and safety of members and staff is GVR’s top priority. All decisions about facility access are being made with that priority in mind, in consultation with information provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS), and the Pima County Health Department (PCHD). Staff are networking with other active adult communities so we can learn and benefit from one another’s experiences and ideas.
Click to Visit the Resources Below:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Covid-19
Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS), Covid-19 data dashboard
ADHS requirements for opening gyms
ADHS benchmarks by county (to reopen fitness centers)
Pima County Department of Health, Covid-19
Pima County Ready for You program