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GVR Clubs have long been the heart of a recreation program that is unsurpassed in Arizona, and perhaps, in the US.

Sixty-three clubs provide member-volunteer driven opportunities for high quality leisure and recreation opportunities. Clubs work with GVR staff and governance volunteers to ensure equipment and spaces are developed and maintained for a high-value experience. 

Each GVR club is a non-profit business entity with bylaws and a governing board. Clubs are formed by groups of members who complete an application process ultimately reviewed and approved by the GVR Board of Directors. Clubs are reserved for GVR members, tenants and in some cases, card-carrying guests. 

With average annual club dues falling under $10, joining a GVR club is a great, affordable way for any GVR member to meet like-minded folks, explore new interests, and develop existing interests in new directions. There’s something for everyone!

Club Catalog out now!