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Centers & Reservations

Customer Services Hours

West Center Box Office
8am-4pm, Monday-Friday
Call 520-625-0288

Center and Pool Hours

5:30am-9pm, 7 days a week

Family Swim Hours

West Center
Noon-9pm, Monday-Friday
5:30am-9pm, weekends and holidays
Abrego South
4-6pm, seven days a week
All other pools:
11am-1pm and 4-6pm, seven days a week

View Reservation Info

  • Click on the switch to view information about center reservations.

  • Center Reservations

    Click here for the Reservation Request Form.

    GVR members may reserve GVR facilities at no cost as long as everyone who attends a function is a GVR member or a GVR guest (the guest(s) attending must live 20 miles or beyond GVR corporate boundaries). If you are making a reservation, you must ensure that guests attending have a proper guest pass. If non-members will attend, rental rates apply.

    GVR members who want to reserve a room on an ongoing basis may reserve a room for up to three months at a time. See Three-month Reservation Option.

    Questions? Email All room reservations are subject to availability and a priority list established by the Board of Directors. All reservations are subject to change based on corporate needs.

    Approved Caterers

    GVR Caterers List 2024-2025

    GVR has a list of approved caterers you may hire for your events. See the link above. We pre-approve the caterers to assure they have the proper Pima County license and health permits and insurance. Caterers must be selected from this list. Please note approved caterers are charged a fee of $50 per event for the use of GVR facilities.


    • See Facilities Fees which includes room sizes.
    • Any group that includes non-GVR members is considered a non-member group, and rental fees are charged for facility use.
    • All non-GVR groups must submit (in writing) a request for a room with details about the event before a reservation is approved.
    • All reservations must have one contact person who will sign the contract. The contact person must read, sign, and agree to the Terms and Conditions. See Terms and Conditions form.


    Summary of New Reservations Policy Changes

    1. Change the priority order to include club one-time annual special events (Artisans’ Festival, for example) and eliminate “club additional ongoing activity requests.”  (Effective immediately)
    2. Private member activities and Three-month Groups must have a minimum of six attendees to make a reservation. (Effective September 1, 2024)
    3. Three-month groups must maintain attendance of six or more GVR members. If attendance falls below the minimum for more than two weeks in a row, remaining reservations may be canceled. (Effective September 1, 2024)
    4. Groups that fail to arrive for their reserved activity may lose their reservation privileges for up to six months. (Effective September 1, 2024)
    5. From October through April, Club and HOA business meetings (vs. club activities and socials) are limited to non-peak hours: after 2pm on weekdays and any time on weekends. During the “off season,” these meetings may be scheduled any time. (Effective immediately)
    6. Three-month Groups are limited to one reservation per week.                          (Effective September 1, 2024)
      • Where static setups exist in reserved rooms, three-month groups will self-help to rearrange as needed and return the room to the established static setup before they leave. (Effective September 1)
      • Three-month groups are limited to four hours per reservation.                   (Effective September 1)
    7. Complimentary private member functions (HOA socials, birthday parties, etc.) are limited to one every other month and six hours per event. Subsequent or more frequent reservations are subject to current rental fees. GVR clubs are exempt from this limit. (Effective September 1, 2024)
    8. Memorials and celebrations of life for members and members of their immediate families are not subject to fees and do not count toward the every-other-month limit. (Effective immediately)
    9. No rentals by businesses for the purpose of conducting business will be permitted. This clarification would allow businesses to rent rooms for staff retreats or staff parties. (Effective immediately)
    10. Formalizes a long-time practice: sports facilities (for example, a pool or an entire array of courts) may only be reserved by a GVR club formed with the express purpose of pursuing activities associated with that facility. (Effective immediately)
    11. Some spaces will always be reserved/rented together. For instance, if reserving the auditorium and kitchen at West Center, one must also reserve or rent Room 1. (Effective immediately)
    12. Resolves a long-time issue: audible media is not permitted in communal areas (for example, lobbies, picnic areas, sports courts, fitness centers) except for GVR-sponsored special events, special club events by reservation, and GVR dances.         (Effective immediately)
    13. Members no longer need to seek GVR permission to include adult beverages in their activities. (Effective immediately)
    14. Members will not be limited to using caterers on an approved list. GVR will maintain a list of authorized caterers. Members will also be free to engage any caterer currently licensed by Pima County if they submit a copy of the caterer’s license at the time the reservation is finalized. (Effective immediately)
      • Caterer fees will no longer apply. All users reserving grills or kitchens in major centers will pay a cleaning fee. (Effective September 1)
    1. Clubs are required to provide staff with copies of keys to storage areas or storage containers on GVR property. (Effective September 1)
    2. Change to damage deposit language. Damage deposits as identified in operational policy will be required for rentals by non-GVR members and may be required for member use depending on the nature of the member activity.    (Effective immediately)

     Not discussed as a policy matter, but an operations change coming May 1: Coffee and tea service will no longer be offered. Staff will provide water and paper cups. Groups that wish to serve coffee or tea will bring their own as they do their other refreshments. This will save the dues-funded operation budget approximately $10,000 each season.

Major Centers


Administrative Office (AO)

1070 S. Calle de las Casitas
(520) 625-3440


Canoa Hills (CH)

3660 S. Camino del Sol


Canoa Ranch (CR)

5750 S. Turquoise Mountain Dr.

Desert Hills (DH)

2980 S. Camino del Sol


East Center (EC)

7 S. Abrego Dr.


Las Campanas (LC)

565 W. Belltower Dr.


Santa Rita Springs (SRS)

921 W. Via Rio Fuerte


West Center

1111 GVR Dr.
Box Office: (520) 625-0288

Satellite Centers


Abrego North (ABN)

1601 N. Abrego Dr.


Abrego South (ABS)

1655 S. Abrego Dr.


Casa Paloma I (CPI)

400 W. Circulo del Paladin


Casa Paloma II (CPII)

330 N. Calle de las Banderolas


Continental Vistas (CV)

906 W. Camino Guarina


Del Sol Clubhouse (DSC)

3355 S. Camino del Sol


Madera Vista (MV)

440 S. Camino del Portillo


Pickleball Center (GVR PBC)

2612 S. Camino de la Canoa