Social Clubs

GVR Amigas Club

Amigas-LogoPrimary Contact: Marilou Sancibrian
Secondary Contact: MeMe Keppler
Club E-mail:
Club Website:
Annual Dues: $15.00
Meetings: Coffee Times are the 3rd Saturday of the month and Meet & Greets are held on the 1st Thursday of the month. They are held in the Anza Room at the Springs.
Purpose: The Amigas Club is dedicated to welcoming women of Green Valley Recreation and providing opportunities to connect, learn, have fun and be involved with interest groups, events and lasting friendships. Our motto is, “We’re Neighbors, Let’s Be Friends.”

GVR AmigOs Men’s Club

AmigOs-LogoPrimary Contact: Robert Petrillo – (917) 599-7663
Secondary Contact: Robert Delelio – 520.235.8723
Annual Dues: $15 new members / $10 current members
Purpose: A club for GVR men to meet new friends, join common interest groups, based on a variety of hobbies, and explore what Southern Arizona has to offer. Monthly “Meet and Greets”, First Saturday Breakfast at “Grill on the Green”, monthly day trips, and more.

GVR Canadian Club

The-Canadian-Club-of-Green-ValleyPrimary Contact: Don Ambrose 520.607.4514
Secondary Contact: Charles Atherton 203.244.7388
Purpose: A social group for Canadians who live or spend winter months in Green Valley. If you are a Canadian looking to meet other countrymen, then come out and join us for one of our gatherings. We are a social club with a picnic in November, a wine & cheese in January, a potluck in February, and a dinner and golf in March. The dinner and golf event is open to all Canadians in the area; the other events require GVR membership or a guest pass.
For more information visit:

GVR Colorado Club

The-Colorado-ClubPrimary Contact: Jim Hakanson 720.560.3187
Secondary Contact: Jana Honermann 303.731.9123
Purpose: To welcome GVR members interested in meeting other people from Colorado or associated with Colorado in a social setting.
Meetings: 1st Saturday of the Month from October thru April. Gatherings include potluck or catered dinners along with entertainment or special activities. Socials usually run from 5pm to 7pm.
Location: GVR Las Campanas Center, 565 West Belltower Drive
Annual Dues: $10.00
Mailing Address: 4803 S Tropicana Drive, Green Valley, AZ 85622

GVR Green Bay Packers Club

Green-Bay-Packers-ClubPrimary Contact: Jim Chisholm – (520) 789-0318
Secondary Contact: Larry Engle – 520.488.6852
Club Activity: Club members gather at Las Campanas to watch Green Bay Packer football games on satellite television when not shown locally.
Annual Dues: $10.00
Mailing Address: 881 S. Placita Hermosura, Green Valley, AZ  85614

GVR Michigan Club

Michigan-ClubPrimary Contact: Diane Watts 616-581-0052
Secondary Contact: Rita Papes 810-985-7077
Purpose: The Michigan Club welcomes GVR members with a connection to Michigan. Whether you have lived there, gone to school or just feel good about the state. You are welcome. We are a social club dedicated to providing opportunities to make new friendships and strengthen existing friendships.
Meetings: December-April 1st Wednesday of the month. We usually meet at West Center but check the website for confirmation of the site. Catered meals along with live entertainment will be your delight. So come and join a fun and enjoyable get-together!
Annual Dues: $10.00
Location: 1111 S GVR Dr West Social Center.
Reservations Address: P.O. Box 232, Green Valley, AZ 85622

GVR Minnesota Club

Minnesota-ClubPrimary Contact: Rick Hoen – 651.248.7162
Secondary Contact: Tom Johnson – 651.307.2107
Purpose: Come and join the Minnesota Club. One night a month you can come and meet people from all over Minnesota. Have a great meal, listen to live entertainment and maybe do some dancing. Give us a try!
Annual Dues: $5.00
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 83, Green Valley AZ 85622

GVR New England Club

The-New-England-ClubPrimary Contact: Leo LaFreniere 401.529.5394
Purpose: All GVR Members with ties to New England states are invited to join fellow New Englanders for dinner & entertainment 4 evenings per year.
Annual Dues: $10.00
Mailing Address: PO Box 847, Green Valley AZ 85622

GVR Pacific Northwest Club

Pacific-Northwest-Club-of-Green-ValleyPrimary Contact: Joe Longo – (509) 945-4993
Secondary Contact: Nancy Hlady – (503) 329-0665
Annual Dues: $6.00 per person
Purpose: The Pacific Northwest Club is perfect for those that are proud to be from the Northwest and love to reminisce about their time there. Join us for fellowship and fun. The club is open to any GVR member that is interested in the Pacific Northwest. We are a social club dedicated to providing opportunities to make new friendships and strengthen existing friendships.

GVR Singles Club

GVR Singles ClubPrimary Contact: Sunnie Burton 520.279.6467
Secondary Contact: Ed Vander Laan 520.255.3128
Annual Dues: $10.00
Purpose: Social singles group of GVR members. Monthly newsletter, social hours, weekend breakfasts and more!
Location: 2980 S. Camino del Sol (Desert Hills Center)