Sports Clubs

Club activities that are compatible with social distancing guidelines are in the process of resuming, cautiously. Check the alphabetical list of clubs for those that are currently active under modified conditions. The titles of active clubs are highlighted. Click through to their websites or get in touch with the listed contact person for details.

GVR Aquabelles Club

Green-Valley-AquabellesPrimary Contact: Pat Harrison 602.432.6044,
Purpose: To learn synchronized swimming and produce an annual show. As long as you can swim and float you can be an Aquabelle! We would love to have you join us!
Membership: GVR members
Location: 7 South Abrego Dr. (East Social Center)
Dues: $20.00 Full, $10 supporting, $1 spouse
Mailing Address: 4785 S. Gloria Vista Drive, Green Valley, AZ 85622

GVR Billiards Club

Primary Contact: Marrianne Bishop 520-625-4924,
Secondary Contact: Sam Yulish 520-760-8382,
Purpose: Promoting recreational and competitive billiard playing as well as providing educational instruction to improve playing techniques. Visit the website
Membership: Must be a GVR member
Annual Dues: $5.00
Billiard Hall Locations: East Center, West Center, and Desert Hills (this center also has a snooker table).

GVR Bocce Club

GVR-Bocce-ClubPrimary Contact: John Clapp 208.890.8699,
Secondary Contact: Dick Melchiorre 520.396.3949,
Purpose: GVR Bocce Club is a co-ed social sport club with several events each year. If you are interested in the game of Bocce Ball or if you are curious as to what the game is about, then come out and join us for some games.
Membership: Open to all GVR members
Annual Dues: $10.00

GVR Cycling Club

GVR-Cycling-ClubPrimary Contact: Hank Deutsch (608) 498-5619,
Purpose: To promote and enhance cycling in the local community, Green Valley Recreation, the Santa Cruz Valley and the State of Arizona.
Membership: 53
Annual Dues: $10.00
Location: East Center

GVR Hiking Club

GVR-Hiking-ClubPrimary Contact: David Linn (269) 598-6415 or
Secondary Contact: Janet Gerdes (989) 859-3502 or
Purpose: To promote safe and enjoyable hiking in the desert and mountains of southern AZ.
Membership: 400+ members. Must be a GVR member or GVR tenant.
Annual Dues: $10.00
Location: 1111 S GVR Dr (West Social Center)
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1074 Green Valley, AZ 85622
For more information visit:

GVR Hunting & Fishing Club

Primary Contact: Gary Williams — (520) 260-2479 –
Secondary Contact: Don Brown — (520) 625-2303 —
Purpose: The club provides over 150 members a chance to meet socially, to learn about hunting and fishing opportunities in the Southwest and Mexico, to share hunting and fishing experiences and interests and to sponsor wildlife conservation projects in the greater Green Valley area.
Membership: Must be a GVR member or GVR tenant.
Annual Dues: $10.00

GVR Pickleball Club

About TimePrimary Contact: Gina Rowsam 720.737.8251
Secondary Contact: Mike Clemens 630.624.3907
Purpose: To provide an atmosphere of camaraderie and enjoyment while participating in GVR Pickleball Club activities.
Membership: 700+ members.
Annual Dues: $25 per person
COURT LOCATIONS: Play is on the pickleball courts located east of the East Center building and at Canoa Ranch on courts located on the west side of the Center building.
Download: Court Reservations [PDF]

GVR Racquetball Club

GVR-Racquetball-ClubPrimary Contact: Wayne Ferreira (520) 260-1470
Purpose: Promote racquetball in Green Valley
Membership: Approximately 90 members.
Annual Dues: $10.00
Activities: Open Court for all club members and all levels. The racquetball club has all levels of players both men and women.
Mailing Address: 357 W Continental Vista Place, Green Valley, AZ 85614

GVR Shuffleboard Club

ShuffleboardPrimary Contact: Gregg Ireland 406.544.1481
Secondary Contact: Diane Goryl,
Membership: Open to GVR members
Annual Dues: $10.00 per person
Instructors: Warren Stephens and Janet Lepage
Courts are open and equipment is available at all times for GVR members year round. Time and location changes. Shuffleboard is a game of strategy and skill and is fun for all ages and abilities.
For Information:

GVR Swim Club

Green-Valley-Swim-ClubPrimary Contact: Samantha Martoni 636.328.4513,
Secondary Contact: Brad Eastridge 313.268.3284,
Purpose: To develop skilled swimmers and conditioning for competition
Activities: Swimming seminars, social meetings, patio parties in Green Valley, games and other State & National competitions
Membership: Swimmers interested in stroke improvement and possible competition
Annual Dues: $15.00
Location: 1111 S GVR Dr (West Center Social Center – Pool)
Mailing Address: 2305 S. Via Amerigo Rd, Green Valley, AZ 85614

GVR Table Tennis Club

Table-TennisPrimary Contact: Ford Demming (303) 809-9874,
Secondary Contact: Peter Biederman (520) 344-7645,
Purpose: Enjoyment in playing table tennis
Activities: Potluck dinner once a year
Annual Dues: $20.00
Join us for good exercise, practice you eye/hand coordination, and enjoy the club camaraderie.
We have eight excellent tables plus one table with a robotic ball server for practice.
The skill levels of our members range from “beginners” to “advanced” players. There is a partner for you!!
We play Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 6 AM to 1PM at Canoa Hills Auditorium.

GVR Tennis Club

Tennis-ClubPrimary Contact: Debra Hall,
Secondary Contact: Marge Garneau 520.216.0773,
Membership: More than 450 men and women tennis players
Annual Dues: $10.00
Activities: Online Reservation System, leagues, tournaments, mixers, USTA teams, newsletters, membership rosters
Mailing Address: PO Box 224, Green Valley, AZ 85622-0224
Contact: Marge G. – (520) 216-0773

GVR Volleyball Club

VolleyballPrimary Contact: Marilyn Querciagrossa 815.370.3408,
Secondary Contact: Priscilla Spurgeon 951.972.7609,
Club Website:
Director of Water Volleyball: Rich Reed
Purpose: To provide fun recreational and social activities to our members.
Membership: Must be a GVR member
Annual Dues: $10.00
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 24 Green Valley, AZ 85622

This program is run by the GVR Volleyball Club. To play Wallyball you must bring court shoes with non-marking soles. For Water Volleyball it is suggested you bring sunglasses and a cap. All GVR members are invited. Non-swimmers can play.