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Cards and Games Clubs

Bridge Clubs

Primary Contact: CarolAnne H. Smith 
Secondary Contact: Jody Davison 
Purpose: To play Social Bridge
Membership: Ladies who are GVR members
Annual Dues: $3.00
Meetings: Thursdays at 12:00 pm at Desert Hills
Location: 2980 S. Camino del Sol (Desert Hills)

Primary Contact: David Bowen
Secondary Contact: Brenda Sonderegger
Purpose: Conduct franchised sessions of Duplicate Bridge under ACBL
Membership: Open to GVR members.
Annuals Dues: $2.00
Meetings: Monday, Thursday & Friday games at 1pm
Location: East Center, 7 S Abrego Drive

Primary Contact: Pauline Boston 520.392.6403
Secondary Contact: Mary Glasnapp 785.550.6309
Purpose: To play Social Bridge
Membership: Approximately 67 members
Meetings: Play on Fridays at 12pm. players must arrive before that time so play may begin promptly at 12pm
Location:  Desert Hills

Primary Contact: Bob Dahm 520.820.8823
Secondary Contact: Janet Gahagan 520.640.0237
Purpose: Informal duplicate bridge – CEOD
Membership: Approximately 198
Annual dues: $2.00 per member
Meetings: 1:00pm Mondays at SRS
Location: 921 W. Via Rio Fuerte (Santa Rita Springs)

GVR Canasta Club

Primary Contact: Jane Korsberg
Secondary Contact: Sylvia Shelley
Website: GVR Canasta Club on the Web
Purpose: To play Canasta and socialize. Training/refresher table always available.
Membership: Open to all GVR members
Annual Dues: $5.00
Days: Fridays & Sundays
Time: 1:00 – 4:00 pm, doors open at noon
Location: 7 South Abrego Dr. (East Center)

GVR Chess Club

Primary Contact: Roy Benson 520.648.8188
Secondary Contact: Steve Kebbe 503.806.5672
Purpose: To play Chess. If you are a beginner we’ll teach you to play chess! If you are an expert, you can teach us! (Affiliate of the US Chess Federation (USCF)
Membership: Approximately 20 at all skill levels. All GVREC members are welcome to join!
Annual Dues: $5.00
Location: 7 South Abrego Dr. (East Center)
Mailing Address: PO Box 690, Green Valley AZ 85614

GVR Cribbage Club

Primary Contact: Roy Dashen 520.301.7175
Purpose: New or experienced players are welcome.
Membership: Approximately 100 members. Knowledge of cribbage and GVR membership is required.
Annual Dues: $2.00
Location: 7 South Abrego Dr. (East Center)

GVR Euchre Card Club

Primary Contact: Ed Fickes 501.209.2589
Secondary Contact: Fred Abood
Purpose: To play Euchre and have fun!
Membership: GVR membership is required.
Annual Dues: $2.00
Location: 2980 S. Camino del Sol (Desert Hills)

GVR Hearts Club

Primary Contact: Marty Allen 520.625.9279
Secondary Contact: Kenneth Moose 612.240.1342
Purpose: Playing cards, fun & friendship
Membership: GVR membership required
Annual Dues: $5.00
Location: Las Campanas Social Center, 565 W Belltower Drive
Meetings: Play is expected to resume in Fall 2021

GVR National Mah Jongg Club

Primary Contact:  Bunny Tarquinio 602.565.3565
Purpose: Bring GVR members together to play this unique, ancient Chinese tile game.
Membership: GVR required
Annual Dues: None
Hours: Wednesdays 12:30 – 4pm
Location: East Center
Mailing Address: 991 W. Belltower Dr., Green Valley, AZ 85614

GVR Pinochle Club

Primary Contact: Dean Capes, 520.647.9916
Secondary Contact: Jane Kirk, 509.834.3545
Purpose: To play single and double deck Pinochle
Membership: GVR members
Annual Dues: $5.00
Mailing Address: 2224 W Calle Cacillo, Green Valley, 85622

GVR Poker Club

Primary Contact: John Woolley 360.601.2016
Secondary Contact: Bob Northrup (520) 207-6745
Purpose: Fellowship and light gambling
Activities: Playing 9 different games of high-low poker
Membership: Approximately 60. GVR is required.
Cost to join club: $5.00
Annual Dues: $2.00
Location: 2980 S. Camino del Sol (Desert Hills)
Days: Weekdays, 12:25-3:55 p.m.

GVR Sheepshead (Schafskopf) Card Club

Primary Contact: Dave Ellringer 715.864.2791
Secondary Contact: Dave Van Lieshout 920.227.8864
Purpose: To enjoy playing the challenging and exciting five or three handed card game Sheepshead. We also have simple instructions available and will teach the game to all wishing to learn.
Membership: Approximately 40. GVR membership required
Annual Dues: $5.00
Days: Tuesdays
Time: 5:30pm year ‘round
Location: 565 W. Belltower Drive (Las Campanas)
Mailing Address: 903 W. Belltower, Green Valley, AZ 85614