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All pools are open from 5:30am-9pm. Please plan to leave the pool in time to shower or change and exit the premises by closing time.
GVR is not age restricted, and kids 17 and younger do not need to carry GVR cards or guest cards but must be accompanied by a card-carrying adult at all times. Kids are welcome during the hours listed below:
West Center
Noon-9pm, Monday-Friday
5:30am-9pm, weekends and holidays
Abrego South
4-6pm, seven days per week
All other pools:
11am-1pm and 4pm-6pm, seven days per week

Pool sizes, depths, and quarter-mile lengths

(Updated January 2023)

  1. No food or beverage is allowed in the pool. Food and beverage must remain at least four feet from the pool or spa edge. Water is the only beverage permitted within four feet of the pool.
  2. Use re-sealable, non-breakable containers for beverages. Breakable materials are not allowed on the pool deck.
  3. Persons with contagious diseases, infections, bandages, or open wounds may not use the pool or spa.
  4. No animals are allowed on the pool deck aside from working service animals (not emotional support animals). Service animals are not allowed in the pool or spa.
  5. Per Pima County regulation, gates must be kept shut. Do not prop them open.
  6. Diapers specifically designed for swimming are required for incontinent swimmers.
  7. Pima County Health Department recommends showering and using the toilet before entering the pool or spa.
  8. Persons age 5 and up are welcome in the spa.
  9. Conduct all hygiene tasks in locker rooms, never in the pool or spa.
  10. Enjoy music and other audio media via headphones or earbuds, only. Take phone calls outside the pool deck.
  11. Life vests, kickboards, noodles, and water exercise training devices are permitted. Toys and inflatable flotations are not.
  12. Supervised children are welcome during designated hours. Children 6 years and younger must be supervised by an accompanying adult who is in the water with the child.

(Updated January 2023)

  1. Lanes are claimed on a first-come, first-served based on first-in-the-water. Lanes cannot be reserved by any method.
  2. Lane sharing is required when all lanes are full. Swimmers share with swimmers and walkers share with walkers.
  3. Stay on one side of the lane (split the lane), unless all parties sharing agree to circle. Circling requires users to maintain a similar pace. If circling, more than two walkers may share a lane.
  4. Introductions are recommended before entering an occupied lane, but permission is not required if swimmers are joining swimmers and walkers are joining walkers.
  5. Swimmers and walkers may share a lane if mutually agreed. If a swimmer and walker cannot agree, the preference of the person first in the water prevails.
  6. Swimmers and walkers have equal access to lanes. Enjoy leisurely water time such as noodle riding and bobbing outside swim lanes.
  7. Lanes do not require float dividers to be considered lanes. Lanes are marked on the bottom of the pool.
  8. Remain in motion up and down the lane, aside from brief rests at the walls. Other pool users should stay out of lanes that are in use for lap exercise.
  9. Limit your lap exercise to 30 minutes when the pool is busy.

Spas at all pools will remain open during all sessions.

All sessions are 60 minutes long. No reservations required. First come, first served.


Abrego North  9:00am 9:00am9:00am
Abrego South9:00am  9:00am  

Canoa Ranch

2 lanes remain open for lap swim

10:00am8:30am 8:30am 8:30am
Casa Paloma II9:00am9:00am9:00am9:00am9:00am9:00am
Continental Vistas9:00am9:00am9:00am9:00am9:00am9:00am
Las Campanas9:00am9:00am9:00am9:00am9:00am 
Santa Rita Springs9:00am9:00am9:00am9:00am9:00am9:00am

The swimming pools and spas are the most widely used and visible recreation amenities within Green Valley Recreation. GVR meets or exceeds industry standards in maintaining and operating our facilities. And depending on the primary use of specific GVR swimming pools and spas, water temperatures are set within industry-standard ranges to maximize comfort of participants.

The following industry references were consulted to determine appropriate water temperatures for GVR swimming pools:

  • The Complete Swimming Pool Reference, by Dr. Tom Griffiths, lists the optimum swimming pool temperature for Senior Citizen and Special Populations as being 84 – 86°F.
  • The Aquatic Exercise Association lists the optimum swimming pool temperature at 83 – 86 °F for moderate to high intensity, and 86 – 88 °F for low intensity.
  • Teaching Swimming Fundamentals, YMCA of the USA, lists the optimum swimming pool temperature at 82 – 85 °F.
  • The American Red Cross recommends that the most healthful swimming pool temperature is 78 – 82°F.

Thirteen of GVR’s fifteen recreation centers include pools of various sizes, depths, and temperatures. All spas 102° F +/-1°. The targeted water temperatures below are provided to assist GVR Members in finding the pool best suited to their needs.

Pool Information Table

Abrego North8422 YLaps, walking, bobbing3′ to 3’6″ deep side pool
Abrego South8422 YLaps, walking, bobbing 
Canoa Hills8416Y Laps, walkingGazebo
Canoa Ranch8618 YLaps, walking, bobbingIndoor Pool
Casa Paloma I8419 YLaps, bobbing 
Casa Paloma II8422  Laps, bobbing 
Continental Vistas8422  Laps, walking 
Desert Hills8415 YLaps, walkingSauna off deck
East Center8722 YLaps, walking, bobbing3′ to 4′ deep side pool
Las Campanas8416YYLaps, walking 
Madera Vista8622  Walking, bobbingShuffleboard poolside
Santa Rita Springs8418 YLaps, walking 
West Center8018  Laps, walking, kidsSee swim club schedule