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GVR has six fitness centers open from 5:30am-9:00pm seven days per week:

  • Canoa Hills
  • Canoa Ranch Center
  • East Center
  • Desert Hills
  • Las Campanas Center
  • Santa Rita Springs

GVR Centers have a variety of fitness equipment and activities to keep you in shape. Members will find a great selection of cardiovascular and strength training equipment at each of the six major centers.

Fitness Center Rules

Free Personal Training Options

GVR offers fitness training options to help members get the most out of their fitness center experience. Please contact Lee Smith GVR Fitness Coordinator at to register for the following:

1. Attend a free fitness center orientation at the center you plan to use for your exercise workout. The orientation includes a tour of the cardio and strength training equipment and a group orientation to the adjustments and proper use of the equipment. Schedules and registration information for orientations are posted in each fitness center. REGISTRATION IS MANDATORY.

Location                          Date                           Time            Meeting Room

Desert Hills                     March 5                      2pm             Fitness Center

East Center                     March 5                       2pm            Fitness Center

Canoa Hills                     March 12                    2pm            Fitness Center

Las Campanas               March 12                   2pm            Fitness Center

Canoa Ranch                  March 19                       2pm            Fitness Center

Santa Rita Springs       March 19                    2pm            Fitness Center


2. 30-minute personal training consultation with a GVR personal trainer is offered to those who wish to have a personalized fitness program designed with goals and any medical needs in mind.

3. 30-minute Introductory to Resistance Band Training is training with bands is a great way to stay active and strong. Learn how to utilize resistance bands to strengthen functional movement patterns of daily life. We will show you how to train push, pull, press, squat, hinge, and lunge movement patterns that are convenient, versatile, and joint-friendly.  Benefits include improved strength, balance, endurance, coordination, mobility, core stability, and flexibility.

To Register
Contact Lee Smith at


Personal Training Packages

If you’re a regular exerciser or just starting out, GVR personal trainers are experts in the field and are ready to get you moving in the right direction. Improve your overall strength, core, stability, balance, mobility, and flexibility with the personal training choices below.

Contact GVR Fitness Coordinator, Lee Smith at to sign up for personal training.

One-on-one training

30-minute sessions

Eight sessions: $270

Twenty sessions: $600

60-minute sessions

Four sessions: $240

Ten sessions: $495

Individual Boxing Training  (by appointment)
Individual 30-minute session: $35
Eight Individual 30-minute sessions: $240

Punching Parkinsons – Non-Contact Boxing  (by appointment)

Boxing can be a very effective exercise for Parkinson’s disease. Boxing is known for helping to improve hand-eye coordination, balance, and agility through a combination of both cardio and strength training. The boxing techniques used in this therapy are modified and involve no-contact.

Individual 30-minute session: $35
Eight Individual 30-minute sessions: $240

Contact the GVR Fitness Coordinator, Lee Smith at to discuss your goals and be assigned to one of the trainers for your consultation.

Jeanie Cooper – 25+ years of experience

Jeanie earned a BS in Nursing, an MS in Exercise Physiology, and worked in nursing for 25 years. Jeannie specializes in pre-op and post-op joint replacement, osteoporosis, cancer rehab, and heart disease exercise strategies. She enjoys working with clients in small groups as well as one-on-one.




Jaymon Cervantes – 3+ years of experience

Jaymon specializes in strength training and confidence building. He played college baseball at Minot State University where he received his bachelor’s degree in corporate fitness. When he is not in the gym training with his clients, he can be found on the baseball diamond where he coaches high school baseball in Tucson. Whether it’s in the gym or on the field, Jaymon is passionate about helping others reach their goals.


Daniella Cawthorne – 20+ years of experience

Daniela has been training and teaching all types of fitness classes to a large variety of people for more than 20 years. Her expertise includes functional fitness, yoga, pilates, and strength training. Her passion and enthusiasm for your health and fitness are contagious. She enjoys working in both one-on-one training as well as with small groups




Allan Carter – 10+ years of experience

Allan specializes in functional fitness, exercise therapy, senior fitness, and nutrition. He has helped many 55+ clients overcome disabilities and injuries and is passionate about helping the senior community achieve their health and wellness goals.




Suzanne Polzin – 30+ years of experience

Suzanne has been teaching group fitness and personal training for thirty years, working in sports rehabilitation clinics in Southern California, and with Fit-Center doing specialized training for stroke and brain-injured clients. Suzanne is a motivator who is known for challenging clients to meet their goals.

Small Group Training Options at Desert Hills Boxing Studio

  • Register by phone at 520-625-0288, online through Active Net, or in-person at the West Center Box Office (Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm)

Resistance Band Small Group Training
Resistance band training is a low impact, safe, and efficient way to build strength, improve flexibility and support balance without weights. The class is oriented toward seniors who have recently done little or no regular exercise. Small group training will allow each person to get individual attention. Wear loose clothes, sneakers, and bring water. All equipment will be provided. Please come 20 minutes early for the first class.

  • Class #9144
  • Monday & Wednesday from 9-10 am
  • Starts February 5 and runs for four weeks
  • $120


Parkinson’s Functional Fitness 4 Life
The training program consists of functional movements that target different aspects of fitness, such as high intensity interval training, resistance, flexibility, and balance training. Additionally, the program includes non-contact boxing exercises. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to exercise and Parkinsons disease. Research shows that exercise and physical activity help maintain and improve mobility, flexibility, balance, and quality of life, as well as manage the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

  • Class #9146
  • Monday & Wednesday from 10:30-11:30am
  • Starts February 12 and runs for four weeks
  • $120

Boxing Skills Training: Non-Contact                                       Boxing training builds fitness, strength, and coordination. This is great cardio workout with some strength exercises built into each session. Lizetta has 15 years of experience as a group fitness instructor for Cardio-Kick Boxing, Boxing, and MMA/TRX.

  • Class #9145
  • Tuesday & Thursday from 10-10:45am
  • Starts February 6 and runs for four weeks
  • $120