2024 Election and Bylaw Amendment Results

  • Nellie Johnson, 2017 votes, 16.9%
  • Carol Crothers, 1755 votes, 14.7%
  • Candy English, 1416 votes, 11.9%
  • Bart Hillyer, 1416 votes, 11.9%
  • Dave Barker, 1407 votes, 11.8%
  • Steve Gilbert, 1327 votes, 11.1%
  • Richard Sutherland, 1319 votes, 11.1%
  • Dale Howard, 1253 votes, 10.5%

Total Voters for ballot: 3273 (204 paper ballots)

Turnout: 26% eligible voters

2023 Annual Meeting Minutes
For: 97.6% Against: 2.4%

2024 Bylaw Amendments 

Bylaw Statement on Bylaw Amendment Approval

Bylaw amendments shall require the approval of GVR Members representing at least two-thirds (2/3) of the eligible votes cast or a majority of the voting power, whichever is less. Once approved by the GVR Membership, amendments to these Bylaws shall be signed by the President and Secretary of The Corporation.

All proposed Bylaw Amendments passed. The following are the revised amendments.

VOTING RIGHTS (Question 1) For: 92.2% Against: 7.8%
Section 6: Voting Rights, A., C., and add F.

A. A GVR Member in good standing is entitled to one (1) vote for each GVR Property owned; provided, however, that there shall be only one (1) vote per GVR Property. If any GVR Member casts a vote representing a certain GVR property, it will thereafter be conclusively presumed for all purposes that such individual was acting with the authority and consent of all other owners of the same GVR Property. In the event that more than one (1) vote is cast for a particular GVR Property, only the first vote cast, shall be counted.

C. All voting by GVR Members shall be by written ballot or electronic voting, consistent with Arizona Nonprofit Corporation Act. See Article XI. No proxies are permitted.

F. A GVR Member in good standing has the right to serve on the Board of Directors provided no other member of the household (whether related by marriage, cohabitation, or otherwise) is on the Board during the same time period.

NUMBER OF DIRECTORS (Question 2) For: 75.8% Against: 24.2%
Section 1: Number of Directors

The affairs of GVR shall be governed by a Board of Directors consisting of nine (9) voting members who shall be elected from the members of The Corporation who have voting rights as defined in Article II – Section 6.

Section 1: Term of Office

A. The term of office of a Director elected by the membership shall be for three (3) years. Each year the term of office of three (3) Directors shall expire and three (3) Directors shall be elected for a term of three (3) years to succeed those Directors whose terms expire. No Director may serve more than two (2) consecutive terms including time served as an appointed Director. A former Director may be re-elected after one (1) or more years’ absence from the Board.

LIMITS OF AUTHORITY (Question 3) For: 76.4% Against: 23.6%
Section 2: Limits of Authority and Indebtedness

The Board of Directors is not authorized to enter into any contract for new or initiative-type capital projects that exceeds twelve percent (12%) of the latest audited approved annual net revenue (does not include investments). Any contract for new or initiative-type capital projects that exceeds this figure, shall only be valid if approved, in advance, by the affirmative vote of regular members representing a majority of the total votes cast, provided that the total number of votes cast equals at least twenty percent (20%) of the total votes in The Corporation. Contracts for unique projects may not be broken up so as to avoid the requirements of this section.

VOTING METHODS (Question 4) For: 91.5% Against: 8.5%
Section 1: Voting at a Meeting
Section 2: Alternative Voting Methods ( Section 1 and 2 Combined in Proposed)

The election of Directors, the amendment of bylaws and any matter that requires approval of the members, and any action, including proposed amendments to these bylaws or the election of Directors, which can be taken by the members of GVR at an Annual or Special Meeting of said members, shall be taken by written ballot communicated to and received from every GVR Member entitled to vote by either mail, email, or other written form of communication as the Board of Directors shall determine from time to time, including online electronic voting, with the same force and effect as though acted upon at an Annual or Special Meeting.

AVAILABILITY OF RECORDS (Question 5) For: 87.2% Against: 12.8%
Section 2: Availability of Records

The books, records and papers of The Corporation shall, for specific and proper purpose, and consistent with the applicable provisions of the Arizona Nonprofit Act, at all reasonable times during business hours be subject to examination by any GVR Member or any Assigned Member that has been given voting rights, upon written demand to The Corporation at least five (5) business days before the requested examination date.


member in good standing is one whose membership account is up to date by the “record date” set every year by the Board of Directors at the October Regular Board Meeting. The exceptions to this rule are:

  • Members that have finalized arrangements for a monthly dues payment plan
  • Members who have applied for 2025 dues relief through the Member Assistance Program (MAP).
  • Members may vote between February 19 and March 13, either online or via mail-in paper ballot.

Each eligible household may submit ONE vote.

In mid-February, all eligible households will receive via USPS, a notice of the Annual Meeting of the Corporation. That notice will include a VOTER CODE. Please retain this important piece of information. If you need a paper ballot, follow the instructions to request one.

On February 19, all eligible households with an email address on file with their membership records will receive a voter code and a voting link via email. This should be the same voter code issued in traditional mail via USPS.

Do you own multiple properties? Members who own more than one property will receive a single voter code. Your vote will be counted for each GVR property you own. If you own two properties, your vote will be counted twice. If you own six properties, it will be counted six times. If you own multiple properties and wish to receive a separate voter code for each, please contact NanciM@gvrec.org.

The Nominations and Elections Committee of the Board of Directors oversees GVR elections. Nominations and Elections procedures are outlined in the Bylaws (HERE) in Article V, and in the Corporate Policy Manual (HERE) in Part 3, Section 6.

GVR’s elections are managed by a professional third party. Vote-Now.com manages elections for community associations in fifteen states.

Election results will be announced shortly after 4pm on March 13, via GVR’s Friday “eblast” (electronic email) and on GVR’s Facebook page. A press release will be issued by 5pm.

KEY DATE for 2024: March 27 – Annual Meeting of the Corporation