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Mission: To provide excellent facilities and services that create opportunities for recreation, social activities, and leisure education to enhance the quality of our members’ lives.

All this and more!

All this and more is available to every member of Green Valley Recreation. Retirees will be hard-pressed to find a wider variety of offerings for the price point. As of 2024, GVR households pay just $515 per year. That’s households—each person listed on the deed of a GVR home is issued a membership card for one $515 annual dues fee.

Green Valley is an unincorporated community situated in the Santa Cruz River Valley between the Sierrita and Santa Rita Mountains. Just 30 miles from downtown Tucson, and 20 miles from the Tucson International Airport, residents enjoy the best of small-town pace with ready access to big-city amenities. Stunning views and vast tracts of public lands in every direction make Green Valley a nature-lover’s paradise. The Sea of Cortez is just four hours away—a popular destination for southern Arizonans.

Unlike planned retirement communities (ie. Del Webb or Robson Resorts) Green Valley is a collection of smaller Home Owner Associations—more than 130, in fact. Each HOA is a distinct neighborhood. Architecture styles and home sizes vary from million-dollar spreads to one-bedroom villas, so whether you are looking to downsize and save, or to finally indulge in a spacious empty nest, Green Valley has a home for every taste and every wallet.