Membership Resources

GVR Membership requires a deed restriction in perpetuity on a property within the established boundaries of Green Valley Recreation, Inc.  Because the membership is a deed restriction in perpetuity on the property, cancellation of membership is not an option.  GVR Membership passes from owner to owner when a property sells.

How to Become a Member

  • Purchase a GVR deed restricted home, OR
  • Purchase a home within GVR established boundaries that is not GVR deed restricted and sign an agreement to deed restrict the property for the initial fee, transfer fee and pro-rated dues. If you are not sure the property is within GVR established boundaries, please call the Membership Department at (520) 625-3440.
  • Once your home has closed and recorded, please visit one of our Membership Specialists located in the Administrative Offices to obtain your GVR Member ID Card.
2021 Fee Schedule
Initial Fee $2,543
Property Acquisition Capital Fee $2,716.00
2021 Annual Dues $  505.00
Life Care Member $  505.00
Transfer Fee – Charged whenever title to a GVR property is changed in addition to Initial Fee or Property Acquisition Capital Fee $  400.00
Transfer Fee – non-sale conveyance of property title for estate planning, trusts or similar purposes as determined by the Board of Directors $  100.00
Additional GVR Card Holder $  100.00
Card Replacement Fee $     15.00

Property Acquisition Capital Fee (PACF)

Upon the transfer of title to any existing GVR membership property, the new owner(s) of such property shall pay a new member capital and transfer fees in an amount to be determined by the Board of Directors. The Property Acquisition Capital Fee is charged to assist in the deferred maintenance and upkeep of GVR’s facilities and the funds collected are used exclusively for that purpose. The fee will be refunded when a member, who owns no more than one GVR property, moves from a primary GVR residence to another primary GVR residence within 12-months. GVR members who use GVR member properties as investments must pay the PACF.
PACF Refund Request Form

Member Code of Conduct 

Non-Discrimination Policy: it is the policy of Green Valley Recreation, Inc. to treat all people with dignity, respect and equality regardless of age, race, color, ancestry, country of origin, disability, ethnicity, marital status, family status, veteran status, gender, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity. (adopted 11/18/2015)

  1. Users of GVR facilities are required to comply with GVR published rules and regulations.
  2. Users are expected to show common courtesy to employees, directors, volunteers and other members and guests.
  3. Users shall refrain from using offensive language and behavior.
  4. Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests.
  5. Violation of the above codes of conduct may result in a member having his/her rights and privileges suspended, as well as those of their guests or tenants.

Single Member Complimentary Cards

Learn about single-member household eligibility to receive Complimentary Guest ID Cards or Complimentary Card Holder ID Cards [PDF]

Replacement Cards

Replacement cards can be obtained from a Customer Service Representative (CSR). There is a $15 Card Replacement Fee for lost cards.

Lifecare Members

Lifecare Criteria and Privileges