Posted Friday, December 19, 2014

Statement from the GVR Board of Directors

Grassroots Effort to Amend GVR Bylaws

As many of you may already know, a grassroots effort by GVR4US is in progress to garner enough signatures to have several bylaw amendments placed on the ballot in the upcoming election. While such petitions are permitted under GVR’s Bylaws, they  raise a number of concerns for members.

If a petition is submitted, a significant amount of time and financial resources will be expended to verify that each and every signature represents a GVR household in good standing and to ensure that the proposed amendments are consistent with Arizona law and GVR’s governing documents.

If the petition meets the necessary requirements, members will vote on several proposed changes that would strip their duly-elected Board from being able to act on important issues by requiring membership approval. While this may sound reasonable, it would result in GVR spending member dues to fund special elections (at a cost of more than $25,000 per election) or having important matters put on hold until the next annual election.

GVR’s Board of Directors encourages members to consider these important issues before signing the petition and trusts that the interests of GVR’s members are best served by having important bylaw changes proposed and endorsed by GVR’s Bylaws Committee, approved by the Board, and voted upon by the members.


GVR Board of Directors

Adopted December 17, 2014






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Green Valley Recreation, Inc. is a non-profit organization serving  the adult retirement community of  Green Valley, Arizona which is located 25 miles south of Tucson on I-19. Green Valley Recreation owns and operates one Member Services Center and thirteen Recreation Centers with a total property value of over $18 million.  Our mission:  “To provide recreational, social and leisure education opportunities that enhance the quality of our members’  lives”.

Green Valley Recreation provides many services and activities to a private membership base of over 13,300 households (an estimated 27,000 individuals). Hundreds of volunteers assist a dedicated staff to help operate year-round programs for both active and passive adult lifestyles. Everything you want to know about the Green Valley Recreation Board of Directors, staff, membership, clubs, facilities, programs, classes, etc. can be found in this web site. If you don’t find the information you need, visit the Information Page and contact us!

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