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A to Z List of GVR Clubs

Below is an alphabetical list of all GVR clubs. Call or email the listed club contact for details.

Club TitleType
GVR Amigas ClubSocial
GVR AmigOs Men’s ClubSocial
GVR Aquabelles ClubSports
GVR Artisans’ ShopArts & Crafts
GVR Arts & Crafts AssociationArts & Crafts
GVR Billiards ClubSports
GVR Bocce ClubSports
GVR Bridge – Desert Hills Ladies Bridge ClubCards & Games
GVR Bridge – Duplicate Bridge Club (Sanctioned)Cards & Games
GVR Bridge – Friday Social Bridge ClubCards & Games
GVR Bridge – Monday Informal Duplicate BridgeCards & Games
GVR Canadian ClubSocial
GVR Canasta ClubCards & Games
GVR Canine ClubSpecial Interest
GVR Card Crafters ClubArts & Crafts
GVR Ceramics ClubArts & Crafts
GVR Chess ClubCards & Games
GVR Clay StudioArts & Crafts
GVR Computer ClubSpecial Interest
GVR Cribbage ClubCards & Games
GVR Cycling ClubSports
GVR Decorative Art Painting ClubArts & Crafts
GVR Euchre Card ClubCards & Games
GVR Forum ClubSpecial Interest
GVR Glass Artists ClubArts & Crafts
GVR Green Bay Packers ClubSocial
GVR Hearts ClubCards & Games
GVR Hiking ClubSports
GVR Hunting & Fishing ClubSports
GVR Italian ClubSocial
GVR Lapidary & Silversmith ClubArts & Crafts
GVR Line Dancers ClubDance
GVR Meditation ClubSpecial Interest
GVR Metal Working Crafts ClubArts & Crafts
GVR Michigan ClubSocial
GVR Minnesota ClubSocial
GVR National Mah Jongg ClubCards & Games
GVR Needle-Arts ClubArts & Crafts
GVR Pacific Northwest ClubSocial
GVR Photography ClubSpecial Interest
GVR Pickleball ClubSports
GVR Pinochle ClubCards & Games
GVR Poker ClubCards & Games
GVR Racquetball ClubSports
GVR Santa Rita Art LeagueArts & Crafts
GVR Saturday Night Dance ClubDance
GVR Sheepshead (Schafskopf) Card ClubCards & Games
GVR Shuffleboard ClubSports
GVR Singles ClubSocial
GVR Square & Round Dance ClubDance
GVR Swim ClubSports
GVR Table Tennis ClubSports
GVR Tai Chi Arts Club (fka Martial Arts)Sports
GVR Tennis ClubSports
GVR Travel ClubSpecial Interest
GVR Valley PlayersSpecial Interest
GVR Volleyball ClubSports
GVR Wallyball ClubSports
GVR WoodworkersArts & Crafts