Green Valley Recreation offers several special interest classes including painting, ceramics, clay and sculpture, lapidary, Spanish, jewelry making and tap dance. There are also several classes that run year-round, including aqua fitness, medium impact aerobics, Spanish and more.

Download the Current Course Catalog!

2017 Fall Course Catalog [PDF]
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Course Catalogs are published three times a year and are available in April for Summer, mid-September for the Fall Session, and mid-December for the Winter Session. Registration dates are listed in each catalog.

Past Catalogs:

2017 Summer Course Catalog [PDF]
2017 Winter Course Catalog [PDF]
2016 Fall Course Catalog [PDF]
2016 Summer Course Catalog [PDF]
2016 Winter Course Catalog [PDF]
2015 Fall Course Catalog [PDF]
2015 Summer Course Catalog [PDF]
2015 Winter Course Catalog [PDF]
2014 Fall Course Catalog [PDF]
2014 Summer Program Guide [PDF]
2014 Winter Class Catalog [PDF]
2013 Fall Class Catalog [PDF]
2013 Summer Program Guide [PDF]
2013 Winter Class Catalog [PDF]
2012 Fall Class Catalog [PDF]

To receive a catalog in the mail, send a 8½ x 11 self addressed stamped envelope (include FIVE (5), $0.49 cent stamps) to:

Green Valley Recreation
Attn: Class Catalog
PO Box 586
Green Valley, AZ 85622-0586

Please specify on the bottom left of the envelope: “Summer”, “Fall” or “Winter” so your receive the catalog for the appropriate session.

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How To Register

Online Registration:
Click here to begin the Online Registration. You will need your GVR Number and PIN.

Walk-In Registration:
Fill out the Course Registration Form and visit an office to register.

Mail-In Registration:
Mail your registration and payment to (Please make sure your telephone number is current):

Green Valley Recreation, Inc.
Attn: Recreation Department
PO Box 586
Green Valley, AZ 85622-0586

Phone-In Registration:
You may call East Center (520) 625-4641, Canoa Hills (520) 625-6200, Las Campanas (520) 648-7669, or the GVR Administrative Offices (625-3440) to register. Please have your GVR number and the course number(s) for which you would like to register available when you call.

Non-Member Registration:
Non-Members must register in person at an office within two weeks of the class start date. We accept Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards.
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Non-member Registration Policy

Click here to learn how to become a GVR Member.

Non-GVR members may register for classes in person at any of the offices. The course fee is $10 higher for non-GVR members. Registration opens two weeks prior to the start date of the course, and early registration is suggested as classes fill up quickly. (Note: Ceramics, Clay Studio and Lapidary are reserved exclusively for GVR members only.) You may receive “Class Pass” upon registration and must acknowledge, in writing, that you will abide by GVR policies while attending courses at our centers. Non-members may attend a course that allows drop-ins if there is space available.

Withdrawal and Refund Procedures

  • Classes may be canceled by GVR because of low enrollment, instructor illness, or other unforeseen circumstances. If a class you are enrolled in is cancelled, we will notify you immediately and you will be given the opportunity to change to another class, or you will receive a full refund.
  • Full refunds will be issued on any class if registration is canceled by the member five (5) business days prior to the class start date. Those wishing to withdraw four (4) or less business days prior to the class start date (not including the day the class meets) will receive a refund, minus a $5 withdrawal fee for each class. Refunds will only be offered prior to the day the class starts.
  • If you are unable to attend a class you registered for, please notify GVR as soon as possible. Early notification allows us to accommodate members on waiting lists.
  • Please allow up to fifteen (15) working days for a refund to be processed.