Green Valley Recreation offers several special interest classes including painting, ceramics, clay and sculpture, lapidary, German, jewelry making and several types of dance classes. There are also several classes that run year-round, including aqua fitness, medium impact aerobics, Spanish and more.

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Class Updates

On this page, you can find updates and information regarding classes—classes that have been added since the catalog has been released or classes that have had date, time, or location changes. Check back weekly for new updates.


Summer Class Updates

Join Marti DeLong for a free introductory lesson for EZ Does It Yoga on either September 17 or September 27 at 9-10am at Canoa Ranch in the Amado Room. GVR members only.

Zumba Gold w/Toning!
The Zumba® Gold-Toning program combines the enticing world rhythms of the Zumba® Gold program with strength-training techniques, creating an easy-to-follow, health-boosting dance-fitness program for the young at heart, including beginners. Using weights, you will build strength and tone all the target zones. JOIN THE PARTY, DITCH THE WORKOUT! Drop-in fee $10. Bring 1 to 2 lb. weights and water. Instructor: Annette Mesa
41640 9/4-25 W 9-10am LC-OCOT $32
41641 9/9-30 M 9-10am LC-OCOT $32

Stretch, Strengthen, and Stabilize – Principle
Learn and practice exercises that will promote whole body correction-alignment to establish muscular balance through stretches and gentle exercises. This can help and even eliminate lower back and shoulder pain, chronic pain from injuries, and postural issues. With practice, it will help correct disparity between the two sides of the body, restore balance, and build functional strength. We will focus of the anatomical principals and primary exercises of this form. In this class I will be more available for personal attention. Wear loose clothing (no jeans or belts) and bring a yoga mat. You must be able to get up and down from the floor. This class is required before taking the experienced level classes. There are standing, floor, and knee based exercises, with alternate exercises for special needs. Drop-in fee $17. Call Beth Jonquil at 318-9590 with questions about the class. Instructor: Beth Jonquil; Certified Egoscue Posture Specialist
44377 9/4-25 W 9-10am CR-AMADO $56


Fall Class Updates

Basic Italian I
Planning a vacation to Italy or aspire to learn the language. This is the perfect course for you. This class will cover the Italian alphabet, phonetics, pronunciations, vocabulary and grammar. Additionally, it will cover basic forms of address, expressions of courtesy, introductions, conversation and customs. Text: Learn Italian the Fast and Fun Way, by Marcel Danesi (available locally). Simona Cantini is a native speaker. Instructor: Simona Cantini
45302 11/4-12/9 M 8:30-10:30am EC-GAME $78

EZ Does It Yoga – A Gentle Practice Just added!
If you always wanted to try yoga but don’t feel you are flexible, this is the class for you. Great, gentle class for people of all shapes and sizes. Perfect for anyone who wants to take it a little slower. We work on basic poses to stretch and strengthen all major muscles and joints, as well as develop greater relaxation in the pose. Breathing flexibility practice is also stressed. Required props: please bring yoga mat, yoga strap, yoga blocks, and 2 Mexican blankets or beach towels. Instructor has props for sale. Discounted fees for multiple weekly classes with this instructor, please see staff. Course unavailable for online registration. Drop-in fee $13. Please review the Drop-in Policy. Instructor: Marti DeLong
45312 10/8-31 TH 8:30-9:45am CR-AMAD $40/$36

Beginning Swimming NEW! Just added 2nd Class
Have you always wanted to learn how to swim? It’s not too late! Have fun, while learning the important steps to becoming a swimmer. Class size is small so we can spend a lot of time and attention on each of the skills required in becoming successful. Classes taught by Joannie Eastridge, USMS Certified Swimming Coach and Learn to Swim instructor with career in teaching swimming. Goggles, fins, and kick board are required. Instructor: Joannie Eastridge
45534 12/3-19 Tu,Th 10-11AM WC-POOL $80/$90

Course Catalogs are published three times a year and are available in April for Summer, late-August for the Fall Session, and late-November for the Winter Session. Registration dates are listed in each catalog.

To receive a catalog in the mail, send a 8½ x 11 self addressed stamped envelope (include FIVE (5), $0.49 cent stamps) to:

Green Valley Recreation
Attn: Class Catalog
PO Box 586
Green Valley, AZ 85622-0586

Please specify on the bottom left of the envelope: “Summer”, “Fall” or “Winter” so your receive the catalog for the appropriate session.

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