GVR will be hosting outdoor classes, with precautions for COVID19.

For everyone’s safety, please stay home if you have a fever or other symptoms of COVID-19, such as chills, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, fatigue, headache, muscle/body aches, runny nose/congestion, new loss of taste or smell, or nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or if you have had close contact with an individual diagnosed with COVID-19.

What to Keep in Mind:
Space: There is a limited amount of space at select centers, first come first serve. No additional students will be allowed to participate once the maximum capacity has been met.
Note: There will be a monitor present before each class to ensure everyone has their member cards and a signed liability waiver (liability waivers will be available at each class)
Masks: Need to be worn before and after class, but will not be required during the duration of the class itself.
Equipment: Members will need to bring their own personal equipment for the class.
Since these classes will be held outdoors, please remember to bring extra water!
Stay active, Stay healthy

Class Schedules

September Class Schedule

Total Body Conditioning
Utilize the outdoors as your gym. Personal trainer, Danie will lead you in this 60 min class and provide you with a safe but challenging class that is designed to increase your cardio strength and endurance, increase body flexibility, muscle strength and practice better balance in a full body workout. You will use a band and your own bodyweight for resistance. Exercises will be non-impact to make it easy for joint replacement and arthritis to not be an excuse to not get fit. Class is set up as a circuit class to efficiently train all the muscles groups. Must be comfortable doing standing for 60 min. This is a medium/ difficult workout & can be adapted to many different fitness levels. Don’t forget to bring EXTRA water.
Instructor: Daniela Cawthorn

9/6-9/27 SUN 7-8AM LC-JUNIPER PATIO MAX:8 people

Yoga for YOU
It’s your practice and your body, learn posture variations that work for you. Learn and expand your practice with a yoga teacher who’s focus is on YOU; progress at your pace. Postures, breathwork and relaxation to suit your needs each time you come to the mat; leaving you with results that go with you when you’re ‘off the mat’. Yoga mat required (other props optional and recommended to enhance your experience) wear comfortable clothes, and bring EXTRA water. Contact instructor, Vivian Sanchez, E-RYT-500 at (520) 312-4810, with questions.

9/7-9/28 M 11-12PM LC-JUNIPER PATIO MAX:8 people

Yoga Saguaro (Hatha) Level l/ll
A mixed level yoga class open to all experienced yoga practitioners. eclectic, mindful, yet invigorating with emphasis on breathing techniques and exploring traditional yoga poses. Sun & moon salutations followed by a combination of balance, standing, seated poses, twist, backbends and some inversions. Richard has offered area yoga classes since 2004, registered (E-500 RYT) by Yoga Alliance. Required props: firm yoga mat, two 4’ blocks, 2 Mexican style firm blankets, a yoga strap, and EXTRA water. (Available for purchase from instructor.)

9/8-9/29 TUE 7-8AM SRS- FSTADECK MAX:25 people

Yoga Saguaro for Back Care
No yoga experience required. Class is open to all. This gentle class is designed for those with back challenges and anyone intent on strengthening their back for improved posture and stability. Emphasis on breathing techniques and poses to stretch, strengthen, balance & harmonize the body, mind and spirit. Richard has been leading area yoga classes since 2004, with extensive international yoga study & training. He is a registered yoga teacher (E500-RYT) certified annually by Yoga Alliance. REQUIRED PROPS: a firm yoga mat, two 4’ blocks, two firm Mexican style blankets, a yoga strap, and EXTRA water.

9/8-9/29 TUE 8:30-915AM SRS-FSTADECK MAX:25 people

60 min of Pilates and Yoga combined to sculpt long lean and stronger muscles while promoting flexibility to increase range of motion. Learn to ‘align and re-define’ your body and mind; lots of options and modifications offered to meet the needs of the beginner as well as the ‘seasoned’ practitioner. Yoga mat required (props optional) wear comfortable clothes, and bring EXTRA water. Contact instructor, Vivian Sanchez, E-RYT-500 at (520) 312-4810, with questions.

9/4-9/25 F 10:30-11:30AM LC-JUNIPER PATIO MAX:8 people

Zumba Gold with Toning
The Zumba Gold- Toning program combines the enticing world rhythms of the Zumba Gold program with strength- training techniques, creating an easy-to-follow, health-boosting dance-fitness program for the young at heart, including beginners. Using weights, you will build strength and tone all the target zones.  JOIN THE PARTY, DITCH THE WORKOUT! Bring 1 to 3 lb weights and EXTRA water.









MAX:25 people

Course Catalogs are published three times a year and are available in April for Summer, late-August for the Fall Session, and late-November for the Winter Session. Registration dates are listed in each catalog.

To receive a catalog in the mail, send a 8½ x 11 self addressed stamped envelope (include FIVE (5), $0.55 cent stamps) to:

Green Valley Recreation
Attn: Class Catalog
PO Box 586
Green Valley, AZ 85622-0586

Please specify on the bottom left of the envelope: “Summer", "Fall” or “Winter” so your receive the catalog for the appropriate session.

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