Winter 2022 Classes

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Winter Session Class Updates


A Dance Practice for You

Come one, come all to practice your favorite dances! These sessions are for you to enjoy, socialize, and dance to many different types of genres, such as, swing, foxtrot, waltz, 2-step, cha cha and more Latin dances. Music is played by CD’s. I am here to help with any dance moves during this practice time. Join me and have fun! SUPPLIES: Bring your own snacks and drinks. Drop-in fee $5.

Fee: Member $5/Non-member +10

CR#                      DATES                  DAY                      TIME           LOCATION

6179                     1/23                      Sun                       4PM             CH-PVR

6180                      2/27                      Sun                       4PM             CH-PVR

6182                      3/27                      Sun                       4PM             CH-PVR

6181                      4/24                      Sun                       4PM             CH-PVR


Intermediate Tap

This class will focus on footwork and technique. For intermediate and advanced dancers, the emphasis will be on improving the clarity of sound and execution. SUPPLIES: Bring tap shoes. Drop-in fee $10.

Fee: Member $24(3), $32(4), $40(5)/Non-member +10

CR#                      DATES                  DAY            TIME                    LOCATION

6175                     1/12-26                 Wed             10:30AM                SRS-CRUZ

6176                      2/2-23                   Wed             10:30AM                SRS-CRUZ

6177                      3/2-30                   Wed             10:30AM                SRS-CRUZ

6178                      4/6-27                   Wed             10:30AM                SRS-CRUZ


Tai Chi Wu Style Beginners
Learn the first section of the Wu Style Tai Chi form. Great for improved balance, relaxation, mind-body movement, meditation, improved state of health and well-being. UPDATED DATES: New start and end dates. NO CLASS January 31st and March 7th.

Fee: Member $85/Non-member +10

CR#                      DATES                  DAY                      TIME           LOCATION

6065                     1/17-3/21              Mon                       9AM             EC-AUD


Tai Chi Wu Style Beginners
Continuing to learn the Wu Style Tai Chi form. You are welcome to take this class if you have had a class with me previously- regardless if you have practiced or not. Great for improved balance, relaxation, mind-body movement meditation, improved state of health and well-being. UPDATED DATES: New start and end dates. NO CLASS January 31st and March 7th.

Fee: Member $85/Non-member +10

CR#                      DATES                  DAY                      TIME           LOCATION

5484                     1/17-3/21              Mon                       10AM           EC-AUD


Gentle Alignment Yoga
An all-levels class designed to develop self-awareness and strength for a stable foundation in your practice. We will explore how to feel your personal alignment within each pose to assist your development of better balance and strength both on and off your mat. A combination of seated, standing and lying poses will be used. Micheline is a certified yoga teacher, having taught professionally since 1985. Her blended style is eclectic, drawing from the teachings of many yoga styles. Her emphasis is based on the teachings of B.K.S. lyengar’s principles of alignment. SUPPLIES: Blocks, strap, blanket. Drop-in fee $10. UPDATED TIME: Class ends at 10:15am.

Fee: Member $28(4), $35(5)/Non-member +10

CR#                      DATES                  DAY                      TIME           LOCATION

5978                     1/3-31                   Mon                       9AM             LC-AGAV

5979                      2/7-28                   Mon                       9AM             LC-AGAV

5980                      3/7-28                   Mon                       9AM             LC-AGAV

5981                      4/4-25                   Mon                       9AM             LC-AGAV



Landscaping with Desert Natives

Landscape your home with desert natives and reap the benefits of low water use, attracting native birds, and minimize maintenance. Instructor is a Landscape Architect, Certified Arborist and has accumulated over 30 years of gardening experience in the Green Valley area. Material fee of $5 payable to instructor at class.

Fee: Member $30/Non-member +10

CR#                      DATES                  DAY            TIME           LOCATION

5898                      1/18                      Tue              9:00AM        LC-IRWD


Stretch, Strength, Stabilize
In my classes you will learn specific Esizes to promote whole body bilateral correction and alignment and establish functional strength and balance. You will likely learn some anatomy too! We look to create a practice that will help and even eliminate body pains, stiffness, chronic pain from injuries and postural issues. Call Beth with questions or concerns 520-318-9590. I am certified as an Egoscue Pain Free and a massage therapist with over 30 years of experience. I’ve been teaching with GVR for eight years with great success. SUPPLIES: Yoga mat, 2 yoga blocks (soft, 4x6x8), and 1 yoga strap, NO jeans or belts please. Drop-in fee $28.

Fee: Member $96(4), $120(5)/Non-Member +10

CR#                       DATES                  DAY             TIME                     LOCATION

5584                      1/5-26                   Wed             10:30AM                CR-AMADO

5585                      2/2-23                   Wed             10:30AM                CR-AMADO

5586                      3/2-30                   Wed             10:30AM                CR-AMADO

5587                      4/6-27                   Wed             10:30AM                CR-AMADO

5588                      1/3-31                   Mon             2:00PM                  CR-AMADO

5589                      *2/7-28                 Mon             2:00PM                  CR-AMADO

5590                      3/7-28                   Mon             2:00PM                  CR-AMADO

5591                      4/4-25                   Mon             2:00PM                  CR-AMADO

* Except February 14th; class will be held at LC-CTWD only on this date.



Introduction to the Clay Studio
This class is required for Clay Studio Membership. PLEASE NOTE: You must attend all sessions in order to join the Clay Studio.

This class will cover all knowledge necessary to become a responsible member of the Clay Studio by covering safe use of clay, as well as, essential studio operations. You will play with clay to learn basic hand building skills, but no projects will be completed. Material fee of $10 paid to the instructor the first day of class. Tools, clay and materials are provided for use during the class. SUPPLIES: Bring an apron or wear old clothing. A notepad, pen/pencil, and a small plastic jar with screw lid, are necessary for successful completion of Introduction to the Clay Studio. To prepare, please refer to our website for video links to be viewed before the first class. You may also review our other membership requirements by reviewing our membership form.

Member fee: $45                                                                                 Classes: 3

CR#                 DATES                        DAY                TIME                                       LOCATION

6150             1/10-17                  Mon/Wed       *12:30PM/8:30AM              SRS-STU

6151             2/7-14                    Mon/Wed       *12:30PM/8:30AM              SRS-STU

6152             3/7-14                    Mon/Wed       *12:30PM/8:30AM              SRS-STU

6153             4/4-11                    Mon/Wed       *12:30PM/8:30AM              SRS-STU

*First two classes start at 12:30pm, last day of each session starts at 8:30am. Please email with any questions.


Yoga Release
Yoga Release is a blend of Yin and Subtle Yoga. This practice will help to calm the nervous system, improve breathing, and increase body/mind connection through mindfulness in movement, meditation, breath practice and awareness of self. Movements are slow, positions are held for longer periods of time, allowing for a more meditative practice overall. SUPPLIES: Please bring your own yoga mat. Drop-in fee $7.

CR#            DATES                  DAY                      TIME           LOCATION

5929            1/3-31                   Mon/Wed               6PM             LC-JNPR

5930            2/2-28                   Mon/Wed               6PM             LC-JNPR

5931            3/2-30                   Mon/Wed               6PM             LC-JNPR

5932            4/4-27                   Mon/Wed               6PM             LC-JNPR


Yoga for Beginners

This class is designed as an introduction to the practice of yoga. The basic, foundational yoga postures will be practiced to align, strengthen, and promote flexibility in the body. We’ll incorporate breathing techniques and meditation as well. This class will move at a slow pace, as the focus will be on assisting you in building a strong yoga foundation. If you have never practiced yoga before, or if you have practiced in the past, and want to renew your practice, this is the class for you. SUPPLIES: Bring a yoga mat with you. If you have yoga blocks and blanket, bring those as well. Drop-in fee $10.

Fee: Member $20/Non-member +10

CR#                      DATES                  DAY                     TIME           LOCATION

6097                      1/8-29                   Sat                        8AM             LC-JNPR

6098                      2/5-26                   Sat                        8AM             LC-JNPR

6099                      3/5-26                   Sat                        8AM             LC-JNPR



Motion Pictures Worth Discussing

Films today are better than ever. Last year over 700 films were released world-wide. Because of digital photography, independent film makers can now produce full length films which rival those of major studios. In this class you will watch six different films and then discuss them with the instructor. The group discussion sessions follow each film and are designed to help you better understand the directors’ and actors’ intent and techniques. All films are English subtitled.

Fee: Member $50/Non-member +10

CR#            DATES                  DAY            TIME                    LOCATION

5955            1/3-2/7                  Mon             1:00PM                  DH-AUD

(January 17th class held in WC-RM2)

5956            2/14-3/23              Mon             1:00PM                  DH-AUD

(February 23rd and March 23rd Wednesdays classes)



Pilates Mat

Pilates mat-based exercises are based on the principles of breathing, concentration, focus, precision, centering and flow. Pilates will help you develop better body awareness, postural improvement, balance, flexibility, core strength and muscle tone. Instructor may introduce small accessory equipment. SUPPLIES: Bring a mat and small pillow or towel, if needed for head support. Instructor: Serenity Pilates Instructors

Fee: Member $36/Non-member +10

CR#                      DATES                  DAY            TIME           LOCATION

6091                      1/10-31                 Mon             8:30AM        CR-AMADO

6092                      2/7-28                   Mon             8:30AM        CR-AMADO

6093                      3/7-28                   Mon             8:30AM        CR-AMADO

6094                      4/4-25                   Mon             8:30AM        CR-AMADO




No need for a partner! Exercise by learning footwork only/practicing popular dances; Waltz, Foxtrot, Salsa, Rumba, Swing, Country, etc. Dance to improve and maintain balance, fitness, posture, core toning, brain function, and more! Additionally, learn to identify what dance goes with what genre of music. Come join me for some fun! Bring your own water bottle. SUPPLIES: Wear non-stick, smooth soled shoes. Drop-in fee $8.

Fee: Member $32(4), $40(5)/Non-member +10

CR#                      DATES                  DAY            TIME           LOCATION

5867                      1/4-25                   Tues             10:30AM      CH-PVR

5869                      2/1-22                   Tues             10:30AM      CH-PVR

5870                      3/1-29                   Tues             10:30AM      CH-PVR

5871                      4/5-26                   Tues             10:30AM      CH-PVR



Modern Square Dancing

Square dancing, “Friendship Set to Music,” one of the greatest social dance forms. Make new friends, dance to interesting choreography – Variety of music, suited to anybody’s taste (Pop, Rock, Modern, Country, Standards, Traditional, etc.). Have fun exercising your mind and body. Great for cardio-vascular & agility. Modern version of this American Traditional Dance, not like you imagined. Singles, couples, no dancing experience? Two left feet? Everybody is welcome, join the fun! Taught by nationally known caller/instructor Rick Gittelman. Please note: CR# 5275 – Open through Jan 20th, CR# 5284 – Open through March 10th. Drop-in fee $8.

Fee: Member $80/Non-member +10

CR#                      DATES                  DAY                     TIME           LOCATION

5275                      1/11-2/17              Tues & Thurs          3PM             CH-PVR

5284                      3/1-4/7                  Tues & Thurs          3PM             CH-PVR



Formed Collars in Silver and Copper

(Intermediate Level) Prerequisites: Learn to Use the Torch class, Metalsmith Tools class, or verified experience AND GVR Lapidary Club membership. We will use metal forming tools and mandrels to shape heavy gauge half round silver and copper wire to make 2 neck collars. These are necklaces that can be worn alone or used to hang a pendant. Material fee of $35 paid to instructor.

Member fee: $25

CR#                      DATES                  DAY                     TIME           LOCATION

6145                      1/13                      Thurs                     2:30PM         DH-LAP

6146                      2/18                      Fri                         2:30PM         DH-LAP



Beyond Basics

Prerequisite: Must be a member of GVR Clay Studio. Are you wanting to expand your clay knowledge?

Beyond Basics is a four-week class geared towards Clay Studio members who have just completed orientation, or have been out of the studio for a while, and need a refresher course. Learn methods of clay building to create projects and learn more in-depth procedures of the Clay Studio. We will cover making trays, use of textures, adding handles to projects, use of templates and patterns, creating a mug with handle, making a lidded box, coil building, and use of extruder. You will also receive demos on sculptures and use of plaster molds. A tour of the kiln room and learning how the kiln process works is included.

Member fee: $75                                                                                 Classes: 4

CR#                 DATES                        DAY                            TIME                           LOCATION

6155           2/3-24                  Thurs                    11:00AM               SRS-HAND

6156           3/3-24                  Thurs                    11:00AM               SRS-HAND

6157           4/7-28                  Thurs                    11:00AM               SRS-HAND


Southwest Storyteller

Come play in clay and join us as we have fun building a Southwest Storyteller with kids climbing all over a seated adult figure. It’s a fun and easy project to use the techniques learned in your Introduction to the Clay Studio. Call me if you need instructions on how to make a shard 10″ x 10″ square. My phone number is in the membership book at the Clay Studio. SUPPLIES: One unopened bag of Redstone or Speckled Buff clay. Bring basic clay tools and one round loop tool #7205. One feather texture brush tool #7003 and a clear film bag; buy at Clay Studio. Front/back of old t-shirt to keep creation moist. Bring a finished shard 10 x 10 to class.

Member fee: $60                                                                                 Classes: 4

CR#            DATES                  DAY            TIME                    LOCATION

6154           2/2-23                  Wed            8:30AM                 SRS-HAND




Basic Chain Maille Bracelet

BEGINNING LEVEL- Chain Maille is the art of adding links of a chain or jump rings together to make a pattern for jewelry. You will learn 2 patterns in forming bracelets. You will learn about wire gauge, hardness, and shapes used. Material fee of $40 paid to instructor at first class. Materials include: jump rings, clasps, and tools to keep.

Fee: Member $45

CR#                      DATES                  DAY            TIME           LOCATION

6159            4/11-14                           Mon/Thurs              1:00PM         EC-STU

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