Green Valley Recreation offers several special interest classes including painting, ceramics, clay and sculpture, lapidary, German, jewelry making and several types of dance classes. There are also several classes that run year-round, including aqua fitness, medium impact aerobics, Spanish and more.

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2018 Winter Course Catalog [PDF]
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Class Updates

NEW! 20/20/20 Not appearing in the catalog
20 minutes aerobic exercise, 20 minutes strength training, 20 minutes floor, core, and stretching exercises. Excellent combo for all your workout needs. Great for both men and women. Please bring hand weights, resistance tubing with handles, mat, towel, and water. Fun for all! No judgment zone! Drop-in fee $8. 4/7 class held in the IRONWOOD RM. Instructor: Julia Jacob Fee: $32
39722 4/7-28 Sa 10-11am LC-OCOT

NEW! Specialty Garden IV – Butterfly Garden Not appearing in the catalog
Attract butterflies to your yard with hardy, desert-adapted plants. Your instructor is a Landscape Architect, Certified Arborist and has accumulated over 25 years of gardening experience in the Green Valley area. Instructor: Linda Strader Fee: $25
37944 3/22 Th 9-10:30am LC-IRWD

Deepening Your Practice I Not appearing in the catalog
This workshop series is more than your typical class of postures. For the student that wishes to explore yoga in depth, learn history, dissect postures, explore different yoga styles, and discover the various yoga breaths. Students will spend time on the mat each meeting but will also have lecture with Q&A. Please bring a mat, notebook, and a pen/pencil. Any handouts will be emailed to students. Yoga is so much more than postures; this workshop will unveil the vast offerings of the ‘practice’ available to all. Drop-in $15. Instructor: Vivian Sanchez Fee: $40
39631 3/5-3/26  M 5-6pm LC-IRWD

Deepening Your Practice II Not appearing in the catalog
This workshop series is for the student that wishes to explore Yoga in more depth and is the more ‘physical’ segment of the 2-part series. Note: Some yoga experience is recommended but not mandatory. Part I is strongly recommended before Part II, yet, each class can be done as a drop-in ($15). Week I: Sun Salutations versus Moon Salutations. Week II: Inversions and Folds, Dissection and Deconstruction. Week III: Backbends and Twists, Dissection and Deconstruction. Week IV: Balance and Meditation (Gratitude Practice). Contact instructor, Vivian Sanchez, (520) 312-4810, with questions. Fee: $40
39632 4/2-4/23 M 4-5pm LC-IRWD

NEW! Stretch, Strengthen, and Stabilize – Principle Class Details Updated
It didn’t appear in the catalog, but Beth is planning on offering her class in April. January and February classes were cancelled due to an injury she sustained, she will be returning in March and I looking forward to practicing with you all! Please join her!
39339 4/4-4/25 W 10-11:30am CR-AMADO

NEW! Identification of Northern Mushrooms Not appearing in the catalog
This two hour course will be most beneficial for anyone returning to the North in the spring and summer. I will teach you how to identify four to five wild mushrooms that are edible, and teach you which ones to stay away from. I will cover mushrooms from each season, starting with the spring, summer, and fall. We will also discuss many other mushrooms. I will share which books that are beneficial to helping you identify mushrooms. Instructor: Tom Keller Fee: $20
39310 4/10 T 1-3pm SRS-KINO

Beaded Amulet Necklace Not appearing in the catalog
Make a beautiful amulet necklace using square stitch. Some beading experience helpful. Call (515) 276-8150 for a photo. A SUPPLY LIST is provided at the time of registration. Instructor: Annette Krauth Fee: $40
38772 4/5-4/12 Th 1-5pm CP1-REC

Course Catalogs are published three times a year and are available in April for Summer, late-August for the Fall Session, and late-November for the Winter Session. Registration dates are listed in each catalog.

To receive a catalog in the mail, send a 8½ x 11 self addressed stamped envelope (include FIVE (5), $0.49 cent stamps) to:

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Please specify on the bottom left of the envelope: “Summer”, “Fall” or “Winter” so your receive the catalog for the appropriate session.

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