Planning & Evaluation Committee (PE)

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Members of the P&E Committee are engaged in long and short-range planning of GVR’s facilities and programs. Knowledge of Capital Project Management and funding is useful, but not required. Committee members evaluate the changing needs of GVR clubs and recommend approval/disapproval of annual club funding requests.


Meeting Documents


Committee Roster

(Confirmed by Chair Donna Coon on 4/25/2018)

Donna Coon, Chair
Denise Nichols, Associate Chair
Nina Campfield
Carol Lambert
Jim Maxwell
David Messick
Kathy Palese
Roger Philpott
Patricia Reynolds
James Rundlett
Keith Skytta
Tim Stewart
Eric Sullwold
Diane West
Carol Crothers (ex officio)


Committee Charges


Committee Documents

Planning Documents

Evaluation Documents

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